The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board met on March 16, 2022. The purpose of this report is to tie in all of the separate articles regarding this meeting, in addition to other meeting details.

Sitting at the meeting table:

Board Members: JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Chair; Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chair; Gary Belair; Pamela (Pam) Avila; Robert (Bob) McLeod

Staff: Kelly Hale, General Manager, and Board Secretary; Coreena Fetterhoff, (Exiting) Controller; Karl Russ (Controller); Katrina Heap, Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Other staff :

Jason Temple, Director of Public Services; Tom Heffer, Director of Golf; Donald Jones, Golf Course Superintendent at Magellan

Prayer was led by Jason Temple and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tucker Omohundro.

Absent from the Meeting:

Chris Jones

Agenda for March 16, 2022 Board Meeting


New Item Added to Agenda – Charter Discussion for Ad Hoc Committee to Look into Buying Reserve Property

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Executive Session and Consent Agenda Approved

February 16, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Special Board Meeting Minutes


Standing Committee Meeting Minutes


February 2022 Public Services Report


Committee Appointments

  • Appointment of Stephanie Heffer to the Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Appointment of Kenneth Unger to the Public Services Committee
  • Appointment of John Boykin to the Common Property, Forest & Wildlife Committee

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Financial Reporting – Coreena Fetterhoff


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GM Appreciates Committees

GM Kelly Hale thanked all the committees. “They are really unsung heroes within the Village.” The Village has a history of volunteerism.. Hale said he talked to his staff about jump-starting some activities through committees, churches, clubs, and other groups. The GM said they would be making a list of easier tasks that volunteers can help with like paint touch up, etc. “The committees are very important to me and I just want to make sure that we continue to get that word out to the Members.” With some volunteer engagement, a lot of small tasks can be accomplished very quickly.

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Board Member Comments

Board Chair Joanie Corry inquired about the Financial Dashboard. Hale said the dashboard is being published in the weekly Eblast. Corry said it would be nice to also have this information at the Board Meetings.

Coreena Fetterhoff, (exiting Controller) said in reviewing financials, “there is a small adjustment for the Capitol Additions. This is based upon how it gets classified.”

Audience Comments

Al Bilgischer

Audience member, Al Bilgischer, asked why the Board approves the pre-emergent for the golf courses. “That seems like a reasonable, customary expense that occurs each year. This is probably the most genteel Board that Hot Springs Village has ever had in the twenty years I’ve been around. But there are some Boards that would probably not be in favor of that or have much more discussion of that and would just pass it through. So, is that going to be something that’s decided by the Board each year?”

Board Director, Gary Belair, explained that last year the Golf Department gave a presentation to the Finance and Planning Committee. This presentation dealt with bulk purchases but delivered when needed. The reason it was brought through the Finance and Planning Committee and then up to the Board was because of the dollar amount.

McLeod said, “Anything over $50,000 comes to the Board.”

Bilgischer continued, “This has been a golf community since its inception and it seems like it is sort of going in a little bit of a different direction.”

Belair said that Tom [Heffer] can answer this better than he could.

Bilgischer also asked about the Oaklawn General Manager. He said Oaklawn was in the process of purchasing Hot Springs Country Club. He said, “I am assuming that is still in the process. There are two board members [not HSV Board Members] holding that up right now, that carry quite a bit of weight. But money usually talks. Oaklawn will probably have that purchased soon. So, do you still think they are going to shuttle (it’s a great idea, something that I’ve talked to the previous GM about doing many times), but do you think they will still shuttle people up here, even if they buy Hot Springs Country Club?”

Hale said, “I couldn’t tell you. He approached me on it.”

Bilgischer, “So he approached you?”

Hale said, “Yes, in conversation.”

Bilgischer: ” I am a member of the Country Club, too and all I hear is scuttlebutt talk, even among some board members, that it’s…”

Omohundro said, “He may want to do this instead of buying the country club.”

Bilgischer: “I mean it is a great idea to piggy-back off of Oaklawn because the Shell [?] family (indecipherable word) they got a lot of money and they do a lot of stuff so anyway – I just didn’t know if he approached you.”

Hale: “It came up in a casual conversation about partnering our businesses together and how we can support one another because they have “Village Day” at the casino. That’s how the conversation…”

Bilgischer: “I’ll bring it up to Gary and just kind of find out more about the country club purchase… Appreciate it.”

Cindy McGear

Audience member, Cindy McGear, thanked the Board for their service and welcomed GM, Kelly Hale.

McGear said she has watched the deterioration of the Coronado Clubhouse. She spoke and sent emails to Mr. Heffer about the condition and asked Mr. Hale to take a look.

McGear thanked Jason Temple, Director of Public Services, and Bruce Caverly for helping to rehab the entrance to Coronado including the signage and other things.

McGear said she was “shocked” to learn that for her son and family it will cost $40 for the family to play pickleball. She feels that $10 a person needs to be looked at and re-addressed.

She also feels like the advertising windscreens are the biggest eyesore in the Village. She feels this cost should be absorbed by Parks and Recreation and screens should not be sponsored by an advertising business.

McGear said that since we lost a full-court basketball area at the DeSoto Recreation area, why can’t we utilize the old Bocchi location which is close to the tennis center, and turn that into a basketball court for people that live farther east in the Village?

CHERYL DOWDEN, Hot Springs Village People Gazette, March 19, 2022

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