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HSVPOA Trails Committee Report to the Board 3-16-22

Committee Chair discusses trails on CCI Property, committee purpose and events

Buzz Carpenter, Chair of the Trails Committee, presented the quarterly report to the Hot Springs Village POA Board of Directors on March 16, 2022. Carpenter said the trails are a wonderful amenity to the Village and many people come here because of the trails.

Trails on CCI Property

“We know several of the trails are on or cross Cooper property. There is a risk they might be sold, but that doesn’t mean we are going to stop any maintenance.”

“The POA does not have the funds to purchase the property, so the committee is working through other organizations and trying to protect the value and keep our trails safe and keep them in the Village and maintain what we have, at least.”

Keeping the Trails Safe

The committee plans to continue keeping the trails safe for hikers. That is their main function and in order to do this, the committee members perform a monthly inspection of the trails. If something is found amiss during the inspection, the committee notifies the POA.

Events So Far in 2022

  • Rock Work Day – volunteers and committee members collected rocks and placed them in a culvert area that was eroding.
  • New Year Hike in January at Cooper Preserve – about 40 folks were in attendance.

Upcoming Events

  • Click here to read about the Marathon and Half Marathon.
  • Friend of the Village Trails Work Day
  • Open House on April 10 at Coronado Community Center
  • Photo Contest the whole Month of May
  • Audubon Festival of Wings at Grove Park on May 14
  • Dam to Dam Hike on May 17

More details for the above events will be coming out in the Village Digest and can also be found here.

Click here to read about the HSV Trails on the Explore the Village website.

CHERYL DOWDEN, Hot Springs Village People Gazette, March 18, 2022

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