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HSVPOA Common Property, Forestry, & Wildlife Committee Report 3-16-22

CPF&W Committee Quarterly Report to the HSVPOA Board of Directors

The Hot Springs Village POA Common Property, Forestry, and Wildlife Committee Chair, Max Billingsley, presented the committee’s quarterly report to the Board.

CPF&W Committee has been actively involved and productive. Both the staff and Board representatives, Todd Noles, Manager of CPF&W, and Board Vice-chair, Tucker Omohundro, have worked closely with the committee. The committee is fully staffed.

Billingsley has assigned members to three informal subcommittees, based on knowledge and skills.

  • Forestry Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee includes Foresters Barton Langford and Max Billingsley.
    • The focus is on the health and management of our forestry common property, “which includes advising and assisting POA staff, when requested.”
    • The Foresters are involved with the ongoing commercial thinning and salvage operation to try to remediate some of the IPS Beetle infestation. The weather (wet conditions) has slowed the operation.
    • This subcommittee will assist staff with developing a comprehensive forestry management plan.
  • Wildlife Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee consists of Tom Impellizzeri and Scott McCord. Both are avid sportsmen with a lot of game management experience and knowledge.
    • They will focus on advising and assisting POA with the annual Urban Deer Hunt. This hunt helps to control the HSV deer population.
    • Impellizzeri and McCord will work in cooperation with the Arkansas Fish and Wildlife and the Arkansas Bow Hunters Association.
    • Planning for the 2022/2023 Urban Deer Hunt has already begun.
    • There were about 400 deer harvested in the 2021/2022 hunt, with almost half being donated to the Hunters for the Hungry organization.
    • This subcommittee will also assist with the geese addling program, which is in coordination with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.
    • Additionally, they will handle any other Village wildlife issues.
  • Permit Support Subcommittee
    • This subcommittee focuses on advising and assisting with permitting activities on common property.
    • Anne Shears and Paula Lane both have exceptional organizational and communication skills have been coordinating these activities.
    • A Class 2 Permit request for cutting and trimming on common property requires that the subcommittee contact the owner for a site visit in order to assess the situation and what impact the cutting and trimming may have on the common property.
    • Significant trees that will be harvested need to be marked and photographs of the site must be taken. A report is then given to the committee.
    • After the committee endorses the subcommittee’s report, the permit is submitted to POA staff for approval.
    • If approved by the POA, then the property owner can carry out the activities of removing trees on common property.
    • The subcommittee then returns to the worksite to verify the activities do not exceed the scope of the permit and that the site is neat and orderly and not subject to erosion or further damage.
    • There have been six of the Class 2 Permits this year which have been closed after final inspection.
    • Anne Shears has created a spread sheet that documents and tracks these permits.

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Why are trees being removed outside the Balboa Gates?

Board Member, Bob McLeod, asked about the tree removal activity currently occurring outside the Balboa gates. Is this being done by the POA?

Tucker Omohundro said this removal is happening because of the necessity of a relocation of the powerlines by the utility company. (Entergy) These lines were originally installed in an area where there was not a utility easement.

CHERYL DOWDEN, Hot Springs Village People Gazette, March 17, 2022

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