The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association Board met on February 16, 2022. The purpose of this report is to tie in all of the separate articles regarding this meeting, in addition to other meeting details.

Sitting at the meeting table:

Board Members: JoAnne (Joanie) Corry, Chair; Tucker Omohundro, Vice-chair; Chris Jones; Gary Belair; Pamela (Pam) Avila; Robert (Bob) McLeod

Staff: Kelly Hale, General Manager, and Board Secretary; Coreena Fetterhoff, Controller, and Corporate Treasurer; Katrina Heap, Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Other staff present:

Jason Temple, Director of Public Services; Terry Wiley, Parks and Recreation Manager

Prayer was led by Jason Temple and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Tucker Omohundro.

Agenda for HSVPOA February 16, 2022 Board Meeting


The Executive Session Minutes were approved.

Executive Session Actions


Committee meeting minutes were received and also the Public Services Report. Duane Shipman was appointed to the Lakes Committee. Minutes from the January Board Meeting were also accepted.

Combined Standing Committee Meeting Minutes


* * *

Public Services Report


The Consent Agenda was approved.

Click here to read the General Manager Report.

Click here to read the Financial Report.

Click here to read the ACC Report.

Current Business

Emergency Reserve Funds Policy

Gary Belair presented a motion for Emergency Reserve Funds Policy. Tucker Omohundro seconded the motion. Click here to read the previous discussion regarding this issue on February 2, 2022.

Joanie Corry asked Coreena Fetterhoff if the Utility Emergency Reserves is about $400,000 below where we should be? Fetterhoff said, “we’ll have one more transfer to make as long as 2022 comes in as planned, and then they will be fully funded according to the targets that were set back in 2017.”

“Are those targets – did you guys discuss the targets? Are they still valid targets,” inquired Corry.

Fetterhoff replied, “we believe at this point, for the fact that they are emergency reserves, that they are okay. That doesn’t mean that in the near future maybe some deeper analysis to seek to realign those.”

The motion passed unanimously.

Emergency Reserve Funds Motion


Fixed Asset Funds Policy

Director Belair presented a motion for a Fixed Asset Funds Policy. Director Avila seconded the motion. Click here to read the previous discussion regarding this item at February 2, 2022, Discussion Session.

Coreena Fetterhoff said, “you already have these accounts set up. That is what we moved the $1.5 Million for General and I believe $666,000 for Utilities. At the end of each year, yes, we will put money in. But we would like to be able to maintain a minimum balance at some level in order to build upon that.”

Director Belair said, “in the past, we’ve had items in the budget, but the item in the budget proceeded actually having the cash. This is a proposal to start filling our pockets before we spend it.”

Chair Corry said, “we don’t spend the money we don’t have, is what you are saying, right?”

Belair agreed.

This motion was passed unanimously.

Fixed Asset Funds Motion


Lions Club Balboa Beach Park

Click here to read about the Lions Club Balboa Beach Park Project.

Asturias Drive Water Line Replacement

Click here to read the previous discussion on the Asturias Drive Water Line Replacement. Please see details in the motion below, which was presented by McLeod. Omohundro seconded the motion which was unanimously passed.

Asturias Drive Water Line Replacement Motion


Crack Sealing

McLeod presented a motion to approve the first year of a three-year renewable agreement for crack sealing. Omohundro seconded the motion. Click here to read the previous discussion on this item.

GM Kelly Hale said, ‘I’ve [discussed] both of these proposals with Jason [Temple] and 1,500 linear feet of water line that they are going to replace. I’ve asked him also to take a look at that same area for any other work while we have the asphalt torn up – culverts, sewer, and look at the seven-year projection so we are not coming back and digging stuff back up. When I say we are doing a logic check, Jason’s going in two years out, looking at what else is in that area so we can do all the work at the same time and make sure that we maximize that.”

Hale continued, “the crack seal is for 115,000 linear feet, that Jason has a line of sight on, that we’re making sure that we get the most important areas done first to help get the life-cycle of that asphalt to last us even longer. At the end of the day, we’ve got $4.5 to $6 Million dollars worth of road work that needs to be done over the next five to seven years so this will be a preventive measure that I have no problem with. We’ve already gone through all the maps of where this will be done.”

This motion passed unanimously.

Motion for Crack Seal Agreement


SCADA Installation at Cedar Creek Wastewater Plant

McLeod presented this motion, which was seconded by Belair.

Click here to read the SCADA discussion that occurred earlier in the month. There is also a link in that article that takes you to another discussion of this same topic in January.

Hale said, “we talked about this at the discussion last time that we went and viewed the Cedar Creek facility. It’s a very antiquated system compared to the other one. We’ve got roughly three and a half million dollars that we’ve got invested in our water and sewer treatment plants to get them up to speed. We’ve got life-cycle motors that are well past their life. This system is a – we would end up putting this in eventually, but we feel that this will be a cheap investment at this point in time to be able to monitor those other systems to get longer use out of them as we let some of the inflationary numbers calm down to start purchasing more motors and clarification motors to be able to get those up to speed. So I think this is an initial investment that will help us manage our money long-term.”

McCleod said, “just getting us ahead of the problems.”

This motion passed unanimously.

Chris Jones asked, “these last two things, the last one, notwithstanding because it is more a proactive look. But the other two, am I wrong in thinking that the budgets for those will come out of the increased funds that we got through the increased assessment since they are both infrastructure-related, or are they still just coming out of our normal budget?”

Temple answered, “on the utility side, all of our capital comes out of our utility rate fees.”

Chris Jones, “the crack sealing would come out of the increased assessment fees?”

Temple said, “right.”

Cedar Creek Water Treatment Plant SCADA Motion


Buy In Fee Rescinded for Property Acquirred Through Testamentary Transfer

Click here to read about the elimination of the Buy-in Fee for inherited property.

New Business

Board Asks Staff to Discuss Fees

Click here to read about the discussion of Review and Clarification of Fees.

Board Member Comments

Click here to read Omohundro’s statement about purchasing property and other Board Member comments.


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