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HSVPOA Road Crack Sealing Discussion 2-2-22

Cracks are the root of all problems for pavement. Once a crack forms, water is able to seep through and erode the base causing deterioration. For that reason, crack sealing is recommended as the most cost-effective, preventative pavement maintenance procedure.”

Ken McBride, VP of Business Development, GemSeal Pavement Products

On February 2, 2022, Jason Temple, Director of Public Services discussed with the HSVPOA Board a proposal for approval of the first year of a three-year renewable agreement for crack sealing.

Temple: “Doing the renewable agreements is not something new. What is new is that we are presenting it to the Board for the first time for Board approval of a renewable agreement. We want to be upfront that we would like to propose renewable agreements for things like crack sealing which are routine activities that we do every year. That is the proposal.”

Temple: “We are asking the Board to authorize the GM to execute a three-year, 2022-2024 renewable agreement with Mitchell Asphalt and Seal Coating, not to exceed, the year 2022’s budget of $75,000 at the unit price of 65 cents per linear foot of crack seal.”

Temple: “You can see in the agreement there is special language that calls out three-year agreements. Every year, we will renew that agreement. Next year the budget may be higher or lower than $75,000. That will be addressed at that time. If there are any unit price differences based on CPI, we’ll discuss that and bring that to the Board, if needed. Otherwise, it will be just basically approved in the budget phase of our process, and that way, during the cold weather months, the best time to do crack sealing, we can keep that momentum going in areas where we have cracks.”

Temple: “I didn’t include the list of streets that we have proposed for crack sealing. We’re developing that again, here.”

Mr. Temple also mentioned having all of the Village roads surveyed with a laser scanner to determine the condition and any potential problems. Although it wasn’t stated at this meeting, when previously speaking of this laser scanner, it was explained that this surveying process can also determine the condition of the culverts.

Temple: “Just news…we are having a kick-off meeting with the company next Tuesday, February 8…” This is in regards to the [laser scanner survey] company that is going to survey all of the roads. They will map the streets with a laser survey. This will identify every crack in the streets and we’ll be able to prioritize more streets for crack sealing, based on that information.”

Temple: “We already have a list right now that we are going to set them up for and get them going on this year’s work. That is kind of the big picture of the whole project of what we are trying to do.”

Kelly Hale, General Manager: For these two proposals, [crack sealing and laser scanning] Jason and Kelly are going to do a walk and talk and look at them, touch them, and then Kelly will get back to the Board on what we are going to do. “This is a Discussion Session right now and I like to go see if I am digging a $108,000 hole or if we’re really going to get the money back where we need it. Part of my education process, but part of my commitment to what I told you we would be doing. The same thing with the crack and seal. I understand we are talking 115,000 linear feet that’s in the $75,000 bid. I need to see the math to see if we did it ourselves versus the vendor doing it, I am pretty sure we are going to be well ahead with the vendor doing it. But identifying that we’ve got the right neighborhoods and I know Jim Patton’s committee [Public Services Committee] is going to be part of this. They are going to be coming in with these scanner machines. They are going to go and help us set up some other projects that we need to identify to get proactive in these water main breaks and also where we have cracks where water can get in and cave in the streets. I will circle back around the barn on these two with the Board and let you know where we are at, once I touch them and feel comfortable with them. Okay? Fair enough?”

Corry: “Okay.”

As this was a Discussion Session, no motions were made, nor were any votes taken.

By Cheryl Dowden, February 6, 2022


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