On February 16, 2022, Janet Rowe, Chair of the Hot Springs Village Architectural Control Committee (ACC), presented the committee’s quarterly report to the Board of Directors. What follows below is a close transcription of Ms. Rowe’s report.


Updated Compliance/Permitting Stats

Janet Rowe: Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Coreena [Fetterhoff, Controller] usually does numbers up-to-date, but she didn’t without her PowerPoint, so I’ll be doing those. Charlie Brown from the Compliance Section is a member of the Architectural Control Committee and he does give us updated numbers.

Rowe: The number of inspections that have come through the office and that he has forwarded to us is 251 year-to-date, compared to 207 last year.

Rowe: Small permits are standing at 153 for this year, compared to 134 year-to-date last year.

Rowe: New homes are running even, 12 and 12 and we have one pending on the agenda so far for tomorrow’s meeting. And sometimes there is additional added at the meeting.

Rowe: Compliance cases – there is 27 so far year-to-date. Most of those are exterior property premises and storage of vehicles on properties.

Rowe: They are sitting with 53 violation cases.

Year-to-Date Numbers:

2021 Inspections – 207

2022 Inspections – 251

2021 Small Permits – 134

2022 Small Permits – 153

2021 New Homes – 12

2022 New Homes – 12 plus 1 pending

2022 Compliance Cases – 27

2022 Violation Cases – 53

Yard Art Case

Rowe: The committee did look at our first “Yard Art” case that was referred to us by Compliance. There was a proliferation of pieces of items on this Property Owner’s property. We recommended a percentage reduction for the number of items. It was reported back to us that the Property Owner far exceeded what we had given him as a percentage. We thank that Property Owner for complying in such a great way.

Additional Buildings on Attached Lots

Rowe: We are also trying to work with – trying to find a standard [way] for dealing with requests for additional buildings. So many people here in the Village have a residential lot with an unoccupied lot attached next door and they want to put another building on it. Mostly, it is a garage. In the past we have worked with them to try to make it look like it flows with their occupied property. We’re trying to find something that will make it easier. So, that’s something that we’re working on.


Rowe: We’re also working with the Lakes Committee on the lighting on the buoys on Lake Balboa. We have a rule that exterior lighting cannot be a nuisance to Property Owners.

Rowe: There has been a complaint about the buoys. There was a pre-existing complaint about the flashing lights. Those were turned down or turned off. But the lights are still bothering some people so we’re going to reacess and look at that and see if it’s a real problem, but we do need lights on the buoys for the safety aspect.

Building on Easements

Rowe: We’re also working on a smoother process for a Conditional Release Letter from CCI for some property issuses with crossing the easement lines for the structures which incurs sometimes a fee to be paid to CCI because it is a real estate transaction. They are actually putting a structure across those lines. But small permits that are covering fences, sheds – when folks come in to get their permit application, there is already a paragraph there of release from CCI and when the Property Owner signs the application, he or she is signing knowledge that should they have to come in for those utility easements that the Property Owner knows the fence might have to be removed. The shed might have to be removed.

Cooper Reserve Property

Rowe: We are dealing with Cooper Reserve Property that is being sold. It is being listed as Commercial. We are trying to be attentive to folks inquiring with us, ‘if I buy this property, can I put this type of structure on it?’ We’re being very cognizant of the esthetics of what may be going into a property and how it might affect the property values with the surrounding residential community.

No Current Committee Vacancies

Rowe: At this point, the ACC Committee is fully staffed. We have no openings. That is about where we are standing at this point. Does anybody on the Board have questions for me?


Joanie Corry, Board Chair: At the very beginning, I don’t know if I heard you right. You said 251 Inspections?

Rowe: “Yes, that is through the Permitting Office. Charlie Brown gives us all these numbers at the beginnings of our meetings. Coreena usually covers a lot of those year-to-date numbers. But apparently with the PowerPoint out, she didn’t touch on those. So I went ahead and gave you those numbers. And I do have this all printed out, so I can give each of you a copy.

Corry: So this is not what the ACC is doing? It just came from…?

Rowe: Yes, I am just relaying it from Charlie’s office.

Corry: Thank you. Any other questions?

Rowe: Thank you. Mr. Jones, good luck with your future endeavors. Thank you for serving. [Chris Jones, Board Director will be resigning from the Board.]

Chris Jones, Board Member: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Cheryl Dowden, HSV People, February 18, 2022


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