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Stephen Rust – BOD Meeting & afterward

By Stephen Rust, August 22, 2019

What happened at the BOD Meeting


1. Yesterday I spoke at the Board meeting during the time slot allowed villagers to voice their concerns. 

2. This is encouraged in our governance documents.

3. Different views are also encouraged.

4. I did not go over my allowed time of 3 minutes.

5. I stated at the beginning that I hated no one.

6. I stated that what I was about to say was my opinion and it was my time to speak.

7. I broke no laws. What I stated at the board meeting, I could have stated to our President or anyone else. Nothing illegal.

8. As far as I know, I went against none of our governing documents.

9. I posed no threat to anyone and did not speak at a time other than what was allowed.

10. I have the right to free speech and said nothing out of the realm of what is allowed by free speech.

11. If any law was broken, it was on the part of Cindi Erickson who tried to take away my right of free speech.

12. Cindi Erickson did this before at a “Let’s Talk” forum when Tormey Campagna wanted to speak and she would not allow it.

13. This is evidence of a very controlling chairperson that is trying to take away villagers rights of free speech and take away what our governance documents guarantee us, that being the property owners voice will be represented.

Please see below the recording and transcript of the statement I made at the board meeting where there was an effort to silence me.

Stephen Rust’s statement at the Board Meeting


“I hope that the grievance filed against two directors has opened villagers eyes to the truth. I hope that some media represented have the courage to publish the truth. That truth being that our CEO and some past and present board members are on a mission to control the village and refusing to hear from the villagers. We have a very controlling CEO and a board chairperson right in line with the CEO and a board chairperson who openly states that she does not represent the property owners but rather the corporation. We the members are the corporation.

stephen rust board meeting hsv poa 8-21-19
Stephen Rust speaking at HSV BOD Meeting

We now have further evidence of their desire to control by the fact our CEO has filed a grievance against two directors because they dare to have a different view. This is encouraged in our governance documents. These board members were duly elected by the villagers to represent us and there is no reason there should be an effort to remove them. This action by our CEO and supporting board members demands that villagers rise up and use whatever means necessary, legally, to remove our CEO and those board members in support of her and give the property owners a voice. We are the ones that pay for the operations of the village.

Before I made this speech, I stated openly to the board that I have no hatred and that this is my opinion and my time to speak. I spoke at the correct time and did not exceed my time limit. Cindi Erickson, in my opinion, infringed on my right of free speech as she has done to others that dared disagree with her.

What happened after the Board Meeting


1. August 20, I had a Nextdoor account.

2. August 21, I spoke at the board meeting.

3. August 21 about 2:00 p.m. I had a Nextdoor account.

4. August 21 at 3:00 my Nextdoor account was closed.

5. I received no notification from Nextdoor.

6. My last post on Nextdoor was on August 17.

7. That last post broke no Nextdoor guidelines. The post was because of a Village Voice article about being positive. Summary of my Nextdoor post:

Consider the positives of America is a great country, that you have nice things, that you have a new car, that the village is a great place to live and ignore the negative that America has enemies, that if you don’t lock you house there are thieves, that you must have oil changes and maintenance and ignore the negatives of the village and your asking for trouble (nothing in this post to break Nextdoor guidelines).

8. I think you can from this understand I did nothing to cause my account to be closed.

9. Nextdoor corporate does not monitor millions of post.

10. Someone in my neighborhood closed my account or got Nextdoor to close it for no valid reason.


Since there was no valid reason for my account to be closed and corporate would not on their own close it, my belief is that a very controlling CEO (maybe others backing her) pulled the strings and had leads (many of whom are CEO supporters) get my account closed because of my speech at the board meeting.

I have stated facts and opinion of what happened. Please put this info out to villagers.

by Stephen Rust

Note from Cheryl: This article is based on Stephen Rust’s experience yesterday and is his evaluation of what transpired.

Additional note: (August 25, 2019) When a mistake has been made, it should be corrected. Stephen Rust has updated me and he was kicked off of Nextdoor for the reason that he went on a rant and was shaming Cindi Erickson and Lesley Nalley. He understands now the reason why he was kicked off. At the time I posted this article, I was not aware of that. This is what Stephen posted on his Facebook page: ” I guess I’m an ND has been. I went on a rant a said our CEO and board members were a shame to the village. ND corporate told me that was against guidelines and that I had already been warned. I’m still sure our CEO pulled strings because that rant was after I found out about the grievance.”

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