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Final HSVPOA BOD comments – 8/21/19

HSVPOA BOD held their August 21, 2019 meeting in a room filled beyond capacity. I made a request to the Board Chair, Cindi Erickson, to please move the meeting to the Woodlands Auditorium. Cindi Erickson and Lesley Nalley, CEO, refused to move the meeting to more adequate accommodations, stating that they were already set up in the Ouachita Room. They did agree to bring in more chairs.

After my request, the staff brought in more chairs to the meeting room and also lined the hallway with extra chairs. There were still not enough chairs. There was standing room only and at least 50 property owners were forced to either sit in the hallway or stand in the meeting room and hallway for a three and a half-hour meeting. Below is a transcription of the HSVPOA BOD Meeting final comments made by the Board Directors.

Cindi Erickson

Erickson:  Okay, forgive me for skipping.  I guess it is a long meeting.  Next up is Board Member comments – opportunity to make some final comments.  Diana, let me start with you.

Diana Podawiltz

Podawiltz: I stand by my convictions that the Governance Committee should be just like our other standing committees, made up of non-board members with a Board and staff liaison.  There isn’t anything this committee should be doing, of a sensitive nature that prohibits this makeup. 

Podawiltz: As a member of the Board, I view our role as a legislative branch.  Our CEO is the executive branch.  The Governance Committee should be the supreme court. 

Podawiltz: We are fast approaching our 50th anniversary and we are a divided community.  I had hoped to be able to bring some healing.  I am finding that to be an impossible task, due to the role to which I have been relegated.  To my knowledge, I am the only Board Member in our history who was not given a liaison to any standing committee. 

Podawiltz: Yes, I am the chair of the audit committee and I will help write the scope of the audit.  And I appointed myself to the unofficial role of the Townhouse Association liaison.  This is just something that I thought the community should be made aware of.

Podawiltz: As a multi-decade Cubs fan, I understand the wait-till-next-year philosophy. However, we are facing a major decision, in regards to the renovation of Balboa Golf Course and its Clubhouse and we’re going to have to make that within the next 30 days.  I would appreciate input from all property owners. (clapping)

hot springs village poa board director podawiltz comments
Hot Springs Village POA Board Director, Diana Podawiltz final comments at August 21, 2019 meeting

Mike Medica

Mike Medica:  Yesterday, I was involved with the Golf Committee on three interviews for filling a position that was open and was pleased with all three.  It was very difficult to select even one of them.  But Bruce Limozaine was selected for the Golf Committee.  I think he currently runs the UGA Nine Holes and maybe even the Wild Ones, whatever that is. 

Medica:  Also, I want to say that last night my wife and I were on Danville Road.  The bridge after the gate has been paved.  It is a lot nicer.  So that road looks like it is finally done.

Erickson: Thank you, Mike.  Buddy?  Dick?

Dick Garrison

Dick Garrison: It hasn’t been publicized, for whatever reason, but I will be at the Let’s Talk Saturday morning at 9:00 at DeSoto.

Nancy Luehring/Tormey Campagna

Luehring: I tried to explain to Dick why it hadn’t been – because we’ve been switching around.  (She then talks about how they trade with each other.)

Campagna: And Tormey’s taking Tormey’s place.

Full audio recording of August 21, 2019 Board meeting

The HSVPOA should be providing a full video recording of this meeting soon.

Note from Cheryl: Please consider emailing the Board Chair, Cindi Erickson, in order to request that future meetings be moved to the Woodlands Auditorium to accommodate the number of people who wish to attend for the upcoming decisions – Balboa Course & Clubhouse and 2020 Budget. Thank you.


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