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Hot Spring Villagers – It's Up to You

By Adonna Anderson Patyk, January 7, 2020

TIA [Thanks in advance] for your time

For me, it’s not just about cutting costs which I am all for – we are too top-heavy and some make too much money plus their benefits packages for the results yielded in a community of this size. The population has not grown proportional to the added salaried staff.

It would be a start and step to right the ship we all care so much about. We all agree we love our village. A villager once said:

I believe this and want to continue to believe it.

The past monetary waste seems unacceptable.

The rude condescension and disrespectful lack of manners shown at board meetings toward residents are extremely unacceptable. (One example is the video of the board meeting with villager Stephen Rust comes to mind.)😞

Its also about spending our dues wisely

The current solution always seems to be raising dues or special assessments to pay for the project of the day.

  • Cutting hourly staff is not a solution.
  • Closing golf courses in rotation and adversely affecting small business owners in our village is not a solution.
  • Increasing amenity fees to villagers is not a solution at this time.
  • Adding executive staff and at the same time outsourcing or contracting out the same responsibilities associated with those very positions is not a solution.

That is not to say dues should never ever be raised possibly in the future. We might all even agree on that.

How many of us might and I say might be willing to pay a little more if our leaders were using our money differently for the true betterment of the village?

Spinning anything in any direction doesn’t make it the truth. Results, in this case, are tangible.

How many of us might not have issues with some salaries if from the onset of the village was run with more competence and we had a voice? We deserve to be heard.

The village is full of smart & educated people

There are many many smart and educated people with real-life experience living here with excellent ideas that have been properly shared and presented to our management and have been dismissed.

Why anyone would NOT want to consider or EVEN ADOPT some of the ways offered for free to grow our community and to improve infrastructure and to be successful is beyond my comprehension.

Planning and budgeting and accountability and transparency don’t seem to be in the vocabulary.

Let’s don’t present pure negativity

It might also be crucial to those who are new to the village or the Hot Springs Village People Group that our ongoing long-time history of frustrations is not presented as pure negativity and whining, of which is so easy to follow into that trap.

Do your research

I would encourage due diligence and everyone please do their own research and reading and then decide for yourself. Read posts. Watch videos. Review the CMP and org charts. Read, read, read the information on Hot Springs Village People dot com. and the countless POA letters and documents provided in the Hot Springs Village People Facebook Group by the admins and all those who work tirelessly to keep us up to date.

Go to the POA and request to see contracts, etc. It was ruled by a judge in court last year we have that very right. Be informed. Engage in constructive discussions and ask questions with your neighbors that have lived here for years or decades.


We need to remind ourselves that a year ago not only did we succeed in getting the NO vote to changes to the amendments but we got no votes for all 14 changes!

These are my opinions based on what the facts are as I understand them. However…If you disagree with all or part I respect that but it will not change what I think. Thank you.

By Adonna Anderson Patyk, January 7, 2020

Image by PopcornSusanN from Pixabay

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