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INSANITY of the HSV CMP Written by Phil Lemler, June 1, 2019

Whether you are in favor of the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) or not … most of it is a substantial waste of time and money.

Cooper Communities (CCI) is against the CMP! And, the CMP needs CCI’s permission to move forward. CCI owns the easements between every lot in HSV. So, you cannot combine two (2) lots together without having CCI approve it.

This means HSV cannot build a “pocket neighborhood”, a “Town Center”, a “lodge”, a “grocery store” or anything else without CCI’s approval.

This CMP easement roadblock has existed since the discussions for the CMP began. It existed during the charades (oops, I mean charrettes), the planning sessions with DPZ/Crafton Tull and the POA board vote of April 2018. Certainly, someone within a 500 page, $500,000 plan would bring this up?

POA did not foresee the problems with the CMP?

Why did the POA not see this? Actually, they did finally figure this out (after the CMP was passed) as the entire “Declarations” vote was designed to eliminate CCI from the Village. Without CCI, the POA could get around this formidable “easements” issue. However, the easement problem still exists.

The past POA board didn’t see this and the new POA board continues to march on as if it did not exist. Yet, it does. So, we wasted the $500,000+ for the CMP, the monies spent on the “Declarations” vote, the re-writing of the covenants and other documents; and all of the management time invested in the CMP design and implementation. And, no one thought to “think this through”?

Now we have created the CMP Advisory Committee (CMPAC) which is designed to implement a CMP that cannot be implemented without CCI’s approval … more money and more time wasted. This is all because the POA is embarrassed to admit the CMP was not viable from the beginning … and the POA is trying to hide this major oversight.

My personal opinion is that the POA board, in their fiduciary responsibilities, owed the Villagers a realistic look at the CMP and have a strategy for obvious impediments like the “easements” issue. They have no strategy other than keep moving toward implementation because we (POA) cannot admit we wasted all this time and money!

This was simply poor planning from the beginning! The POA is afraid to admit it!

Absurdity of building a PIT

An analogy: several of us HSV residents get together and decide we will build a barbecue grill and fire pit (PIT) in Ms. Nalley’s back yard. We spend $thousands in the planning stages and create several variations to the PIT, including different rock/stone options, electricity to the PIT and other creative details.  We design flyers to invite folks to barbecues and other affairs. We might even travel around the country looking at other similar PITs, employ a multitude of experts to give us advice and even form sub-committees to finalize the details.

Villagers could enjoy roasting marshmallows at the HSV CMP PIT

However, if Ms. Nalley will not give us permission to build the PIT in her backyard … it will never happen!

If CCI does not give us permission to combine lots for the CMP … it will never happen!

Written by Phil Lemler, June 1, 2019

Edited and formatted by Cheryl Dowden

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