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HSV CMP – Living/Breathing Document

Written by Phil Lemler May 30, 2019

HSV CMP – “A Living/Breathing Document”

Those defending the Comprehensive Master Plan (“CMP”) have stated “numerous” times that the CMP is a “living/breathing document”. I have been told … numerous times … that this means we can change it … modify it … implement some sections but not others … and, in essence, bend it to the future will of the POA board, POA management and Hot Springs Village.

This “living and breathing” argument is based on the fact that the POA Board and POA management have found that the entire plan is not defendable. They have admitted that the CMP has its good parts … and it has its bad parts. So, rather than admitting it has been a $million mistake and writing a viable plan, they have chosen to employ the “living/breathing” position so they (POA Board and POA management) can pick and choose the good parts for HSV’s future. And, save face from wasting this money.

Who will decide the good and the bad?

I concur there are “good parts” to the CMP. The problem I have is that who will decide what the good parts will be and what the bad parts will be? As long as the entire CMP remains in place, there will always be a conflict in how we define this issue.

Will future POA Boards … years from now … decide that a “Town Center” is a good part? Will someone … in the future … decide that our gates are inhibiting growth and need to come down? This determination of “good parts” versus “bad parts” will always be a major point of disagreement here in HSV and the “living/breathing” CMP will always represent a potential “land mine” of problems for residents. As long as the CMP remains in force, as a living/breathing document, we will be subject to its Village-damaging components.

Personally, I would be extremely cautious and concerned about allowing the POA Board/POA management (or any committee established for this purpose who reports to the board) to decide this “good parts/bad parts” issue. In my opinion, anyone who has created and supported such a strategically radical plan should not be involved in determining its future. I mean at some point they thought all of the CMP parts were “good”. The POA Board needs to formally reject the CMP in its entirety.

CMP fiasco is like a salad bar with poisonous dishes

The CMP fiasco is like having a restaurant salad bar with 10 bowls of different salad dishes. You know that five (5) of those dishes have poison in them. However, the salad bar manager’s position is yeah but five (5) of those are “good” dishes, with tasty salads. The salad bar manager stations a salad bar employee at the start of the salad bar to keep customers from taking any poisonous salad.

However, at some point, that employee goes home and a new manager comes on duty … no one can remember which salads have the poison in them and  … you get sick customers.

HSV CMP – It’s time to empty the salad bar and start over

The right decision is to empty the salad bar … and start over!

Written by Phil Lemler, Hot Springs Village Property Owner

Edited and formatted by Cheryl Dowden

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