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Revenue! – HSVPOA

By Phil Lemler

Dear HSVPOA Board Members:

Since April 2018 (before the CMP was passed), I have been trying to convince you to focus on revenue generation. I said that if you continue to fail in delivering revenues, the Village will suffer. Roads and buildings continue in disrepair. Golf courses are closing to save money. Restaurants continue to fail. Our security is faltering. And, HSV expenses continue to grow as revenue continues to decline. Village confidence and trust in your competence continues in a downward spiral.

The CMPAC is a committee bogged down by red tape and the enormity of making a bad program seem viable (CMP). The CMPAC marketing subcommittee will soon disband as no one at the POA was interested in their findings anyway (although they came up with some good ideas).

Revenue continues to fall. Questions that remain unanswered:

  1. How does the CMP generate revenue? Page 82 of the document says it will generate $2.56 million annually by the year 2038. Even that would not cover today’s deferred maintenance shortfall! How does the CMP generate revenue today?
  2. How does a CMEO position create revenue? Or the forestry position? Or placemaking? Or the new pool? Or the infamous double striping of Desoto Blvd?
  3. How does wayfinding create revenue?
  4. What projects have been implemented that are likely to produce revenue quickly?
  5. Why has the person who has been the chief marketing executive for the past 3+ years not been fired?

The answer to these questions is that the POA has no idea where the revenue will come! Or what to do!

Closing courses, raising fees and cutting corners are all self-defeating processes that will not help in the short run and will create lasting damage in the long run.

You need to find a way to turn this around.

I would highly recommend re-instating Mr. Garrison to the board. Then I would follow Ms. Podawiltz’s suggestions regarding the financial structure of HSV. Lastly, each of you should look yourselves honestly in the mirror and those who cannot admit the CMP was a huge mistake and are now willing to terminate it should simply resign!

With all due respect,

Phil Lemler

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