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Black day in history of HSVPOA

by Linda Anderson, July 19, 2019

June 17, 2019 was indeed a BLACK DAY IN THE HISTORY OF HSVPOA.

At the Property Owners’ Association Meeting on July 17, 2019, the Board voted to change HSVPOA Bylaws. Four Board Directors voted in favor of this change.

The Board had been operating four committees, whose charters were in violation of the Association’s Bylaws. The most blatant, being the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee is comprised of three Board members and the CEO.  The Governance Committee is a committee which holds the sole authority to revise the Governing Documents, and create new Policies, and Rules. These revisions are then presented to the Board Directors for them to pass. All of this is done without input from the rest of the Board. 

The conflict comes into play because the Governance Committee also evaluates the performance of the Board Directors.  The CEO has a permanent, voting position on the Governance Committee, whereas Board Members have a temporary seat.  This puts the CEO in the position of permanent superiority over her employers, the Board Directors.  This could potentially affect Board voting decisions because the CEO is in the position of evaluating the performance of her employers, the Board of Directors. It’s all about the CEO (An Employee) overseeing the Board. 

The members of the Governance Committee knew they needed their committee to retain power and control over the Board of Directors. The Governance Committee, spearheaded by Board Chair, Cindi Erickson and the CEO, convened to redline and revise the Bylaws to legitimize the Governance Committee. These revisions were then presented to the Board of Directors who voted to change the Bylaws, instead of changing the charters of the noncompliant committees. But wait, how could a noncompliant ( Illegal ) Governing Committee with no authority change the Bylaws?

I believe the Board violated their fiduciary responsibility to the association by not keeping their oath of obedience to the Governing Documents which compromised the Board’s integrity, discredited its professional standards, and black-marked the Boards reputation.  All of these incredible infractions were seemingly orchestrated in an attempt to prevent property owners from being on important committees.

Violating the Governing Rules of HSVPOA became the biggest scandal in the history of Hot Springs Village.  This was certainly, as I stated above, a black day in the history of the HSVPOA. The future of Hot Springs Village is undoubtedly compromised, but we vow to turn this around. 

Two rays of sunshine

Two Board Members, Diana Podawiltz and Dick Garrison stood firm against the proposed Bylaw changes and voted NO. These two, unwaveringly did what was right. We wonder how the Governance Committee will evaluate them.  WE THANK THEM and MAY GOD BESS THEM.  

Sun shining through invasive bamboo

by Linda Anderson, July 19, 2019

Edited and formatted by Cheryl Dowden

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