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Hot Springs Village – Actions Speak Louder

Actions Speak Louder Than Words 

Linda Anderson, a resident of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas for 11 years, has stood before the POA on many occasions asking for truth and understanding on many issues. Born and raised in East Tennessee, Linda grew up in a Christian-based political family listening to and meeting with Governors, Senators, and newly elected state officials. Early family political discussions were questions of “Who do you trust and are they looking out for our interests?”

Linda Anderson’s passion

“My passion has become to alert people to the fact that if you don’t pay attention to politicians, your life could change. The POA is a governing political organization. It is the BOD which should direct, control, and govern. However, that has been questionable due to recent actions of budget decisions.”

Questionable actions

“The formation of a separate Builders Guild and Village Homes and Land, a real estate office, could have the effect of eventually pushing out local builders and real estate companies. Another action taken was the adoption of extensive by-laws and covenants. And now Ms. Nalley and some Board Members want the ‘New Urbanism’ city comprehensive master plan concept in order to rebuild HSV into pocket communities at great expense. It could be called the concrete jungle effect. Actions speak louder than words. Ignoring these actions is like saying ‘yes, I approve’. Our BOD may not be aware of the cause and effect of each action – a step-by-step move to transform HSV into a city. Is this what we are paying Ms. Nally to do?

The Board of Directors can stop these actions

“The biggest questions are: Is This What The BOD Wants?  Is This The Direction And Vision For HSV? It is the Board who can stop these actions and become committed to keeping HSV a wonderful and beautiful retirement community.  There is a financial solution. Below is my Letter To The Editor of Hot Springs Village Voice, which supports Mr. Phil Lemler’s Marketing Plan.”  — Linda Anderson, HSV Property Owner

Letter To The Editor

Option that could save Property Owners From higher POA assessments

 On April 11, 2019, Mr. Phil Lemler, Hot Springs Village resident, and Corporate Marketing Specialist presented in a seminar the best option for future financial growth of HSV.

Invited were Lesley Nalley and all board members. Three newly elected board members, Board Vice Chairman, Tormey Campagna, Diana Podawiltz and Dick Garrison and Board Chairman, Cindi Erickson showed up to be open-minded about other possibilities to solve our revenue issues.

Hot Springs Village is an Active Lifestyle Retirement Community with 9 championship golf courses
HSV, Active Lifestyle, Retirement Community with 9 Championship Golf Courses
Hot Springs Village, Active Lifestyle, Retirement Community with 9 Championship Golf Courses

Mr. Lemler stated that Cooper Communities developed Hot Springs Village to include 9 Championship Golf Courses. Why? because Golf has been and continues to be the biggest attraction to millions of fans and players around the world.  Golf is a goldmine which separates and places Hot Springs Village as a premier golf community. The greatest asset we have to generate attention and get others to live here. Mr. Lemler focused on marketing’s first priority which is to state who we are: “We Are A Retirement Active Lifestyle Community” and target  “Golf” and “Golf Tournaments” to generate higher revenues to cover excess budget requirements.

Golf – the only marketing target that makes sense

The POA budget is $37 Millon and should cover maintenance. Golf is our only amenity capable of generating significant revenues. Clearly, golf is the only financial marketing target that makes sense for future growth. 

Written by Linda Anderson, April 22, 2019

Edited by Cheryl Dowden

Photography by Joe Dowden


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