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Vernon email sent to BOD

No Balboa proposal in board packet

The agenda does indeed have Balboa (Clubhouse and Golf Course) on the agenda, but for a topic so important with obvious monetary consequences – there is no proposal or presentation in the packet so that Villagers can be informed about your intentions. 

I guess it is of no consequence that no resident in the Village has ever seen a year of golf operations without a loss.  To exacerbate the situation I warrant that absolutely no thought has gone into the facts that there have been over time multiple golf course rehabs costing millions, that Troon has been a flop and not helped, that the Board and Management continued to help Troon bleed the Village by not terminating them at the end of their 2nd year which was the Village’s right. 

Untold millions spent on foolish enterprises

And now you want to consider pouring more good money after bad?  When will you realize that only increasing the population of the Village to spread costs and increase utilization can the Village have a chance to keep the existing golf courses, and manage the maintenance of the infrastructure?  The Boards opportunity to take charge occurred in 2007 – this is 2019 and still no growth!  But we have spent untold millions on foolish enterprises led by Board and Board-Sanctioned CEO’s.

property owners emptied pockets hsv poa

You know what the people want

You know what the people want – you would have heard the peoples’ response to your failed initiatives in an attempt to amend the Declaration etc., if you didn’t continue to maintain the wax in your ears!  You should have heard when the recent vote brought in some directors the people want for change. 

Some of you are complicit

Some of you were here and participated in the vote on Nalley’s contract just days before the recent Board election results were revealed, so some of you are complicit in the underhanded manner of that contracts’ construction, execution, and signing.  Honorable members would have delayed a forward contract of such significance until the new members were seated so that the current Board who would have to live the with the agreement would make the decision.   But not you, we know where your loyalties lie and it is not with the Village or what the people want. 

Now we have a grievance against two directors

Now we have a grievance filed by Nalley against two directors she did not want to get elected to the Board, saying they are impeding her performance of her job? To ignore and stifle the voice of the people? To build a pool at an enormous cost that is not justified at this time?  By pouring more money in the dying enterprise of golf?  By trying to redevelop the Village into something we do not want nor do we need; for an untested product that would cost millions of upfront costs before any indication of market acceptability can possibly be experienced and determined, and by using up precious resources that will continue to strip the Village of resources needed to propel proper growth?

Witch hunt of our Directors?

 And, we have Board members who are playing Nalley’s game by participating in the witch hunt of our Directors?  Really now, you’ve shown who you are working for and it is not the Village?  Your lack of true loyalty to the Village and misfeasance is astounding!  I sure hope this abuse of power by Nalley is not costing the Village more money – it needs to come out of her pocket. 

Rest of Board should stand with Diana and Dick

Further our Board has insurance and that policy should be drawn on to support Directors Podawiltz and Garrison.  The rest of the Board should be standing with these two to repeal the attack by an employee of the Board who is clearly losing her marbles by attacking Directors and being so childish in response to well earned and justified resistance from Board members!  And where is Campagna?  You, sir, are a real disappointment!

hsv poa trust down

In summary “Disgust” for your actions, agenda, and demonstration of “building trust” is beyond measure.  Like German Debt – the trust factor has gone below zero.

Clark Vernon

Note from Cheryl: This is an email Clark Vernon sent to the Board of Directors on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, before the August Board meeting.

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