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January 11, 2020

LTD Position Paper

( Lloyd, Tucker, and Dick – LTD)

January 10, 2020 marked the due date for those interested in running for the three open positions on the HSVPOA Board of Directors to submit their applications. While the total number of candidates who have chosen to run may not be available for a few days, we can announce that Lloyd Sherman, Tucker Omohundro, and Dick Garrison all submitted their application to fill seats in this upcoming election.

We three candidates are familiar with each other and know through discussions that we see eye-to-eye on most of the activities that need to occur to return the Village back to the will of the people.

We want to share what we consider to be a few of the top items that we have agreement on. This is not necessarily in the order of importance.

Bylaws, Policies, Procedures

Previous Boards have allowed many of our documents to be altered in such a manner that the result is a shift of power away from the Board and over to management. While management should be held accountable for the daily operation of the Village, the strategy and direction should be established, maintained and reviewed by the Board according to reasonable judgment and the will of the people. The Board are elected officials of the property owners.  We commit to you that this is a significant issue and ranks extremely high on our priority list to fix should we be elected.

Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP)

Of all the things that have caused a divide in the Village, this document ranks very high, if not the highest in perpetuating this division. While some of the detail that is contained in this document has value, the real issue is that this document represents a strategic focus of changing the POA from a maintenance organization to that of a development organization. Moving this “work in process” document under the category of a governing document is wrong on so many levels. Tying the CMP as a loyalty pledge to serve on supporting committees goes back to the Bylaws, Policies & Procedures issue. This document also attempts to change the structure and composition of the Village to a Resort or Vacation Destination. The overall direction of changing the Village to something it cannot be, indicates we need to admit it was a mistake and develop common-sense strategic plans engineered by the elected officials (Board).


How many years have we been hearing that we need a marketing plan? Can we move forward without one? The answer is no. A real, targeted and managed marketing plan needs to be developed and implemented. The CMP will tell you the only way we can succeed is through the development of a Town Center, Pocket Neighborhoods, and Lodging. In our current environment, we can’t afford to head down a path of any of these concepts. We don’t have the money and until a real Developer comes forward to fully-fund and maintain any such facilities, these are just pie-in-the-sky concepts. A marketing plan has to be focused. Right now, we have a shotgun approach recommended by the CMP and potential buyers are getting mixed signals as to what kind of a community we are. Let’s get this issue resolved once and for all and the Board has the ability to make that happen.


Our compensation expense for the POA has grown by $3,000,000 since 2015. Why? A pretty easy answer from our perspective. We are top-heavy with too few laborers to provide the proper maintenance of our amenities. We are also contracting way too much that used to be accomplished by our employees or volunteers. In some respects, you can view the two-tier assessment as now having been totally spent on increasing our compensation. We have to begin a systematic evaluation and implementation of an austerity program along with implementing a marketing-based growth strategy.

We could go on with our list, but we believe these represent a sampling of the activities that need to be taken on by the 2020 Board of Directors.  We understand we are going to meet with opposition for much of what we represent, but we are ready, willing and able to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We want to ensure all understand we are not running or suggesting that we are running as a slate, but rather three individuals with similar views on the tasks that the next Board needs to take on.

Individually, and collectively we ask for your support in the upcoming HSV POA Board election.

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