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Talk About HSVPOA Surveys

Let’s Talk About Surveys – Authored by Tom Blakeman – June 5, 2019

Lately, there has been some discussion about surveys.  Who’s doing them?  How many respondents?  Asking the right questions?  And the lists goes on.

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Let’s Talk About Surveys HSVPOA

Back in early 2013 the BOD / POA did a “General Manager” survey regarding the “leadership attributes, experience and priorities” for a new HSV General Manager.  A lovely, colorful, expertly printed “Executive Summary” was produced (copy attached).

Subsequently, Mr. Twiggs was hired and you know the rest of the story.  But looking back now the survey results are quite interesting.

To start with only 716 responses were received from property owners along with only 33 responses from employees.  I’m no statistician but the polling sample size seems pretty small given the number of property owners and employees. Strangely too, there were over 400 “write-in” responses.  Here is a synopsis of the results.

“Leadership Attributes” (7 categories total):
  • Property Owners:  #1 Leadership,  #7 Community Promotion 
  • Employees:  #1 Interpersonal/people skills, #6 Revenue Producer, #7 Recruiting Talent
“Experience” (7 categories total):  
  • Property Owners:  #1 Financial Management, #6 Marketing,  #7 Information Technology
  • Employees:  #1 Financial Management,  #6 Marketing, #7 Information Technology
“Most Important Priorities” (8 categories total):
  • Property Owners:  #1 Maintain existing facilities at the highest level,  #8 Attract a well-known hotel or resort to the Village
  • Employees:  #1 Maintain existing facilities at the highest level,  #8 Attract a well-known hotel or resort to the Village
Write-in comments

Of the write-in comments the following phrases stood out:  “executive leadership” “proven financial expertise”  “strong communicator”  “long-range planning” “approachable effective listener”  “honesty and integrity”  “a visionary”  “works well with employees and residents” – There were many others too but you get the drift.

So draw your own conclusions.  But, it strikes me that no one then cared much about Marketing or Information Technology (probably includes broadband and cell service?).  They cared even less about a Hotel (Lodge) or Resort.  They did want Financial Management and we got a Two-Tier.  Then there was Leadership. . . .

HSVPOA Executive Summary General Manager Survey Results


Formatted by Cheryl Dowden

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