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Peter Kirk Denger – 2022 HSVPOA Board Candidate

        Raise property values, not assessments, fees and restrictions. We should not have to choose to leave our homes and property because of doubling assessments and skyrocketing fees to offset administrative frivolous spending. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, which is the loss of twelve thousand property owners and their respect. As your Director, I will work to control spending and balance budgets, creating a sustainable economic backbone for the POA.

     Hello, my name is Kirk Denger. kirkdenger@sbcglobal.net. I bought my first HSV lot in 1979. After graduating High School, I worked in the home building industry, joining the local carpenters union. I built my home in HSV and as a home builder, have been serving HSV for 40 years. With Your vote, I volunteer to again represent You, fellow HSV Property Owners, including those of us who have fixed incomes consisting mainly of our Social Security.  The POA’s non-profit purpose is to serve Property Owners and maintain our natural common properties, amenities and infrastructure, not to profit from Property Owners. I will work to return profits back to Property Owners in the form of rebates and lower fees.

      We changed POA Governance in 2020, which is a testament to the resiliency of our Declaration. Together we have rebounded, but not far enough to where we should be. I stand with Property Owners as your representative, open-minded, supporting complete transparency, freedom of information and welcoming Property Owners wishing to collaborate. I support streamlining top heavy management, marketing with only proven returns on investment and conservative needs spending. Major expenditures and each restriction of our property rights shall be executed only with the Property Owner’s vote.

      Continuously raising assessments for Property Owners, who can afford it least, caused over 12,000 Property Owners to abandon their property, a $5mil continuous annual loss. The solution to financing our Village is keeping neighborly Property Owners in the first place, not by discarding Property Owners and then wasting millions on marketing to find replacement Property Owners. Affordable property and homeownership has always been the Hallmark of HSV and should continue to be our top priority. 

     Protecting property value is our goal. Assessments based on property value is the best solution. Look at your county property tax statement; is your assessment quadruple your real property taxes?  Your assessment should be about the same or less than your tax because both protect your individual property value.  Revenue for HSV POA can have a secure base when working families can afford HSV real property. 

      I am campaigning to guide the direction of the POA and embrace the heritage of HSV which created the prosperity we have always enjoyed. Self-Sufficient, HSV is the natural premier active lifestyle community with a mild climate and quality of life that everyone wants to live. HSV Property Owners are on the course of the vision so many of us invested to be part of and that will continue positive returns and happiness for future generations. 

Peter Kirk Denger hsvpoa 2022 Board Candidate
Peter Kirk Denger – 2022 HSVPOA Board Candidate

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