My husband and I moved to Hot Springs Village nine years ago after I spent 25 years working in sales, marketing, and product management for a Memphis-based international information company. The Village seemed perfect for us at the time. My name is JoAnne (Joanie) Corry and after all these years, I am still so grateful we found this place we call home!

One year has passed since you first elected me to the HSVPOA Board of Directors – entrusting me to work on the commitments I made to all of you at that time:

Focus on maintaining the Village in all possible aspects

Help retain and restore the HSV infrastructure and our precious amenities 

Keep the safety and interests of residents and non-residents a top priority.  

This past year the Board has made solid progress in these 3 areas, and I have been fortunate, as the Board Chairperson, to play a significant leadership role in moving our Village to a better financial position with a stronger management team in place.

During my time as Chair, the Board has made significant strides in bringing stability to HSV. In my leadership role, by leveraging the individual skills and talents of Board members, the Board as a whole was very productive. Some of our accomplishments include:

Implementing a steady flow of communication between the Board and property owners.

Creating a task force to focus on hard facts and data to inform Villagers of the current state and future needs of our Village.

Overseeing a vote of property owners, who approved the funding increase that will ensure the future viability of HSV. 

Recruiting and hiring a General Manager with the needed business experience and expertise as well as leadership skills to ensure that Hot Springs Village will thrive.

Encouraging and supporting the POA staff to develop better business practices that ensure our finances are properly managed and good business decisions are made.

While it’s important that you know I’ve kept my 2021 commitments to you, it’s equally important that you know the process of stabilizing the Village has just begun. There is still much work to be done. The commitments I made to you in 2021 reflect a long-term viewpoint, and I want to continue to be a part of strengthening this place so many of us call home. 

It is so important that we continue to grow a healthy balance between our property owners, who drive the revenue, and the POA, that delivers the services we need and also manages the funds required for Village survival. If elected for another term, I will continue to use my own business experience and expertise, plus the knowledge I have gained about how the Village operates and is governed, to facilitate that balance.  

Going forward, if re-elected, my commitments to you remain the same…. restoring and maintaining our infrastructure and amenities, and making the safety and interests of each of you a top priority! I respectfully ask for your support!

Joanie Corry 2022 Hot Springs Village POA Board Candidate photo
Joanie Corry – 2022 HSVPOA Board Candidate

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