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Marketing HSV, Arkansas

Written by Michael Fleming

No time to waste in implementing good marketing strategy in HSV, Arkansas

After watching Mr. Lemler’s workshop/seminar, I came away with several different realizations and perceptions that I didn’t possess before watching his wonderful seminar. These statements are a few of mine and my intent is more to just try to stimulate some discussion. I certainly don’t have any marketing DNA but I do realize the importance/necessity of a good marketing strategy. It is paramount that we not waste time because of our position in the golf market.

Myriad of evolving marketing venues for HSV
  • Marketing in this day and age has a myriad of venues.
  • Marketing in this day and age is evolving exponentially. What was a good way to get the word out today may not be so tomorrow.
Product, price, place and promotion
  • Marketing in this day and age still uses some old principles that still ring true. The 4 Ps. Product, Price, Place, Promotion. This was explained by Mr. Lemler in his video.
HSV marketing can be affordable
  • The possibilities/avenues for optimization of a marketing dollar can be surprisingly affordable. We just happen to be in an increasingly incredible place in the marketing world unlike never before. The world is getting smaller. Marketing nationwide is now more possible than ever before. Mr. Lemler has studied this in Facebook. The mediums available are amazing. But they may dry up if not used quickly because that is the way technology changes.
HSV identity crisis
  • We have an identity crisis in HSV. Trying to be all things to all people is good but doesn’t work in a marketing strategy. We have to identify WHO we are and use that identity as our target market. We are a retirement/golfing community. Accept that and move on. We are not supposed to market to ourselves. We don’t have the money to market to everyone in the world so we have to maximize our dollars to a target market. In marketing HSV, we need to ditch our schizophrenia and pick our personality/identity/brand once and for all and stick to it. Splash-over effect will happen naturally after the emotionally charged golfer brings his family here to look at this unique place to live.
HSV golf is the best
  • Our competitive edge is unapproachable. We have a huge head start. No one else can compete with us in the golfing communities available at this time. Our competition doesn’t exist.
Balboa Golf Course behind Balboa Clubhouse HSV, Arkansas
Balboa Golf Course behind Balboa Clubhouse HSV, Arkansas
Who we are has already been defined
  • Picking our personality/identity is not really even our choice. This has already been decided for us by public perception and our history. We is who we is. Be proud and tell the world.
Honesty and integrity in advertising is important
  • Once a customer always a customer. Can’t lie to customers. If we say we do it then we need to do it. If we fudge on that, then the word will spread like wildfire. An excellent example is not having that swimming pool. That is what the customers signed on for when they moved here. Another is reasonable golf prices. We need to figure out how we can freeze or drop the cost of golf that people signed on for when they moved here.
Marketing committee is needed
  • A call to action from the members who want this place to survive. Get a marketing committee and soon. Time is wasting. So is our marketing dollars.
HSV golf is not dead
  • Our leaders are marketing audacity and excuses. Humility would work better at this point. Let the talent here go to work. They want this place to thrive as much as the CEO. Golf is not dead!!

Written by Michael Fleming

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