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Hot Springs Village Golf

Hot Springs Village Golf is our number one asset

Written by Mike Fleming

As a resident of Hot Springs Village, I don’t play golf, but I appreciate the fact that golf is our most valuable asset.

“I don’t play golf anymore because of my poor back. I like the trails best. Let’s market those.”  ::said facetiously:: –Mike Fleming

Phil Lemler said we should NOT market to ourselves. A tendency he said that he is STILL fighting after all of his years of market training and teaching. Even people who don’t play golf have to admit that golf is our biggest investment here. We have to put Hot Springs Village golf in the headlines. 

Fill up the empty tee times

Hotels and airlines could teach us something. It is better to fill those empty places at a few bucks than nothing. I mean the airplane is going to fly anyway. Why not fill the seat? 

Why are we letting these empty tee times go unused? Why not fill those blank spots with two free days of golf for the real estate prospects? 

There could be an equitable way to divide these prospective real estate customers to existing marketers/brokers. (Like Rock Paper Scissors) But I’m sure that you can think of a better way than that. 

Dangle the golf carrot

If we have the Carrot, of say something free, especially something free that costs something substantial in retail dollars, people will respond. We need to get them here and there’s ways to do that. 

While they are here they will get the mandatory tour. Then they are ours because we are just too darn pretty to resist. 

Balboa Golf Course Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Evening time at Balboa Golf Course, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Make golf more affordable to residents

The other thing that I think we should visit is dropping the cost of golf for the residents. That is what brought a lot of golfers to the village. They came, they saw our prices, they bought. We are not taking care of the old customer when we raise these golf rates on them. That fact, IMO, also slows the spending in restaurants. 

Don’t waver from who we are

Bottom line, and I know there are going to be stones thrown at me because it ticks people off when I say we are “the largest gated “Golfing and Retirement” community in the U.S.” But that is who we are and that is what we are. We shouldn’t waver from that statement/brand. And you can get that statement on one line. The headline. That statement piques an interest and then you can put all the other things we are inside the booklet. And by golly we are a bunch of things. Clubs, trails, lakes, pickleball, tennis, fitness center, aquatics, swimming pool, dental, medical, restaurants, theater, pubs, markets, etc and etc That took 50 years to become and it is a lot to brag about, and so we should. 

When Golf sneezes all our other amenities catches a cold. IMO

Written by Mike Fleming, Hot Springs Village Property Owner

Note from Editor: Hot Springs Village Golf is number one asset in HSV. Let’s market who we are and what we are.

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