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Key Issues Facing HSVPOA Board?

By Frank Leeming, January 29, 2019

Tell us what you think are the key issues facing the POA board

A year ago before the POA election, we asked candidates what they thought the most important issues were facing the Board of Directors.  Here are the top 15 as ranked by the candidates, and what the board has done about them in the last year:

1.  Resume monthly board work sessions to make the governance process more open.  Nothing was done.

2.  Create a marketing committee to devise a detailed marketing strategy for the Village. Nothing was done.

3.  Determine which “corporate” policies/bylaws adopted in the last two years should be revoked/revised.  Nothing was done.

4.  Adopt transparency as a priority goal for the POA and its board.  No changes.

5.  Reform how the POA budget is prepared.  Establish a Finance Committee or restore the Research and Special Projects Committee.  Finance Committee created after 2020 budget was prepared.

6.  Abolish the Governance and Recruitment Committees.  Recruitment Committee abolished, Governance Committee made stronger.

 7.  Replace the CEO; change the title back to GM.  No change.

8.  Postpone indefinitely plans for a DeSoto pool. $1.2-million DeSoto pool is under construction.

9.  Get the POA out of the real-estate business.  Accomplished.

10.  Dust off the blue-ribbon Food Services Committee report, follow its recommendations to get POA out of the food business.  Nothing was done.

11.  Ask the Public Works to develop a year-round crack-sealing program to help Village roads.  Crack sealing was said to have resumed in the fourth quarter, but details have not been made available.

12.  Create an ad-hoc committee to oversee revamping the POA’s weak website and make it more useful to property owners.  Nothing was done.

13.  Task the golf department and golf committee with developing new ways to increase golf revenue.  Golf rounds fell 2 percent last year, continuing a 12-year slump.  Revenue per round fell to $26.88, a drop of 91 cents, or 3.3 percent.

14.  Develop and use a reliable public-opinion survey system for property owners.  Nothing was done.

15.  Develop a five-year plan to make lots productive again.  The number of unproductive lots (those 61 days or more past-due in assessment payments and those in the POA inventory) rose to a record 11,316 at the end of December – 33.1 percent of the total lots in Hot Springs Village.

* * *

The three candidates elected last year from a list of 10 were Tormey Campagna, Diana Podawiltz and Dick Garrison.  Campagna turned his back on his campaign promises and allied himself with the board majority.  The board majority kicked Garrison off the board, leaving Podawiltz as a minority of one.

Now we’re approaching the next election.  There are again three seats open on the seven-member board.  Five candidates are running.  Ballots will be mailed Feb. 28 to property owners in good standing.

What do you think are the three most important issues facing the next board of directors? Send me an email with your three issues. I’ll compile a list and ask the five candidates how they stand on the issues you think are the most important.

Get your list to me no later than next Monday, Feb. 2.  My email address is fleeming@sbcblobal.net.


By Frank Leeming, January 29, 2019

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