Your Candidate for HSV’s POA Board

I am Bruce Caverly, and I am asking for your support – and your vote – for my election to the Hot Springs Village POA Board. 

Originally from New England, I lived in Alaska while serving with the U.S. Air Force (1962-1967). My business career began when I joined the Minnesota-based 3M Company – initially as a Sales Representative in Alaska, and ultimately as 3M’s International Business Development Manager based in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

In that role I was responsible for building one of 3M’s key business units. Through extensive travel to 48 countries in Asia, Canada, Europe and Latin America, my charge was to identify and staff new business opportunities world-wide. That included sales training oversight, business plan development, and Profit & Loss management with 3M subsidiary management. 

Shortly after retiring to HSV in 2001, I joined the POA’s Natural Resources Committee (later to become the Common Property, Forestry and Wildlife Committee). I continuously served on that Committee (including terms as Vice Chair and Chair) from 2002 through the summer of 2021. 

Throughout my 20+ years in the Village, I have additionally served on numerous POA Committees; been actively involved in the leadership of the Friends of HSV; frequently presented program proposals to the Board and POA Staff; and routinely attended POA Board Meetings. That exposure gave me a first-hand knowledge of HSV’s Governing Documents, our Declarations, and our budgeting processes and protocols. 

Here is a sampling of my key HSV involvements:

2005 – Developed and implemented a 12-year Forest Management Plan, for a $1.2M return to HSV

2006 – Developed and implemented HSV’s ‘Fire-Wise’ program

2007 – Developed and implemented HSV’s Deer Population Management Program

2009 – Instrumental in redesigning the Hwy 5 intersection (East Gate) to provide for 3 lanes

2010 – Actively supported the Pave It Forward campaign for the new bypass

2013 – Instituted HSV’s Canada Geese Management Program

I have also enjoyed several community membership roles:

2006-2012 – Mercy St. Joseph Hospital Advisory Committee 

2014 – HSV Emergency Preparedness Committee

2018 – Nominated for Outstanding Citizen of the year award

2015 – present – HSV Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (currently Treasurer),

Sons of the American Revolution, and Friends of HSV 

My decision to run for the POA Board stems from my passion for HSV, and my desire to ensure that the POA Board is staffed with individuals who are dedicated to positive, budget-smart, constructive fact-based decision-making – as HSV moves forward into its next 50 years. I have no personal agenda and remain convinced that our gated community is truly a ‘hidden gem’ with a bright future. 

As reflected in the recent assessment rate vote, property owners have come to realize that we can no longer neglect our infrastructure. The key now is to ensure that those additional dollars are invested as promised – in the deferred maintenance backlog before us. As a fiscal conservative with a strong financial background, I can help ensure that happens. That includes working together with my fellow Board Members in helping our new General Manager succeed – well into the future. 

Thank you for your Vote……   

Bruce Caverly - Hot Springs Village  2022 POA Board Candidate
Bruce Caverly – 2022 HSVPOA Board Candidate

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