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HSVPOA Secrecy – Blatant Disregard

Ladies and gentleman of the board,

I thought that at some point many moons ago we Villagers had gotten at least one point across to leadership. That being that secrecy must go and transparency must prevail. But I guess when you deal with eight individuals, some don’t get it or understand the message. I will restate the issue.

Villagers want transparency

We members of Hot Springs Village deplore, are against, do not want and insist on much-improved transparency from our leaders and government. You probably wonder what brings this up?

Balboa renovation/rebuild is big controversy

Well, the big topic of controversy facing our Village now is the Balboa Golf Course and Clubhouse updating. This has been lurking in the weeks for at least five years and now is the time chosen to face the music. And your music is estimated at $6.8 million dollars. The members have been seriously questioning this project, for and against, for just a month now, as it was just presented to the public at the last board meeting. Many owners have questioned: “How can the board make a decision to spend what many believe is the largest single expenditure in POA history in just 30 days?” Folks claim it’s not possible to research and investigate all the particulars of this project especially when paramount among the items is the amount of debt! How much debt will the POA have to take on, because we most assuredly do not have the assets to cover a huge expense like this. And, how will that debt adversely affect our future financial health?

Balboa Golf Course, Hot Springs Village

Directors have no ethical problem holding secret meetings

Now, I will get specific. I have learned from a very reliable source, one of you, that this project was presented to the board at an executive (closed) meeting in June of this year, and it has been a topic of discussion for three months now. So, it is obvious that our CEO and board chairman, along with a majority of directors have no ethical problems secretly addressing a subject of this magnitude and importance in closed, unannounced, executive session. These type meetings run totally counter to what you have told members; that executive sessions are for personnel issues, contracts, lawsuits, and other very sensitive issues.

This should have been handled in public

This huge expensive project is not a sensitive issue and should have been introduced and hammered out in open public meetings from the beginning and not several months after the fact.

Secrecy is blatant disregard for community

I suspect many of you leaders and your followers are asking yourselves, “What is he getting upset about?” Well, secrecy is a blatant disregard for the members of this community. This aloof attitude being shown regularly by some of you really does have an effect on your friends and neighbors in this Village.

Stop it!

You obviously haven’t listened to us. You blow smoke and you often tell slanted, half-truths while going merrily along with your wishes, your wants, and your desires, as if members don’t exist. It is time to stop this foolishness. I beg you, please stop it! If we don’t all get together and move forward as one, we are all going to see our beautiful piece of paradise die an alarmingly tragic death.

by Robert Busse, September 18, 2019

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