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HSVPOA Election Committee Training Day

By Lorri Street, March 10, 2020

I have been selected to participate on the day of Election Committee to count ballots. Today [3/10/2020] the POA held an informational meeting for all the selected day of Election Committee members. There will be a total of 30 committee members counting with various POA staff on hand to supervise the process.

Questions were asked and not all were adequately answered

Many questions were asked and answered by Mr. Jerry Yeric and Renee Haugen. Two questions that I felt weren’t adequately answered were:

  1. Why was there not any identifying information on the ballots such as member signature and/or Lot, Block, Subdivision? If I’m recalling correctly two answers came forth from our trainers. One was that “in the past” Property Owners did not want to disclose their identity or LBS, and secondly, it’s not in the current bylaws as a requirement. IMHO…that was the past and certainly circumstances today in the Village should have dictated such.
  2. I asked Renee Haugen for the name of the vendor who was hired to print and mail out the ballots. Renee’s response was, “it was a vendor in Little Rock.” I proceeded to push past her vague reply telling her there was Villagers suspicion that perhaps the CEO’s husband’s printing company may have been the vendor. Renee emphatically replied that it was not the CEO’s husband’s company and went on to say his company just sells and repairs printers. I asked again if she would share with us who then was the vendor. At that point, she stated that vendors of the POA have asked the POA not to disclose their information. And, taking it even further, Renee stated that the POA was having a hard time finding vendors who wanted to work with the POA, so the POA felt it best that they not share vendor information.

Request to view ballot printing/mailing vendor invoice

On my way home from that meeting, I stopped at the POA and filled out a Request to Review Records form specifically asking to view this year’s ballot printing/mailing vendor invoice. Hopefully, I’ll be given that opportunity so the suspicion can be put to rest once and for all.

Lost votes

On another note…two members who were selected to be on the ballot counting committee shared with us all, including the trainers, that they had not received their ballots. One member/owner reported he had two physical addresses here in the Village and a total of four lots. The other member/owner reported she too did not receive her ballots for her two properties. Jerry Yeric indicated to Renee Haugen that that part of the voting process was not something he was involved in. Renee Haugen passed the ‘hot potato’ to Board Chairperson Cindy Erickson and Board Director Tormey Campagna.

As a side note: The current HSV Board of Directors made a policy this year that NO additional ballots would be given out under any circumstances.

So that’s six lost votes…we have to wonder how many other Property Owners are in the same boat? We can and we will do better in the future!

By Lorri Street, March 10, 2020

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