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Extending the CEO’s Contract?

By Gene Garner, March 10, 2020

There’s a great deal of opposition in HSV to extending the CEO’s contract, even a petition that asks the BOD to refrain from approving it. We’re all now waiting to hear what will happen but I’ve been wondering if we will ever know if there has been an extension.

There’s been pressure put on The Village Voice and they’ve stopped printing letters that mention her contract. We all know the BOD is famous for their “executive sessions” that allows them to spend our money in secret. They can use these sessions to grant the 30% pay raise and approve a two-year extension. NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) have been in the news lately and are popular with celebrities & politicians with more money than brains to hide their indiscretions. These could be used to silence the maverick directors from disclosing her contract details.

Even after the CCI court decision that reaffirms our right to know what’s in our books & records, the BOD denies some of our residents, like Frank Leeming, his access to even the most basic information. How much confidence do you have in an organization that doesn’t respect the rule of law?

As it stands now the BOD & CEO control the narrative, they tell us what they want us to believe and withhold that which will “harm” us. And these are people that can’t negotiate a contract to upgrade our gates, that lend money to a cook that doesn’t pay her taxes, that gets rid of a director with a different opinion and a long list of other missteps.

Maybe I’m overthinking this but I’ve seen the sleight of hand and the questionable decisions they’ve made in the last 5 years and I can’t bring myself to trust these people. And I wonder how long it will take to hear her contract has been extended 1-2 years? —Gene Garner


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