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HSVPOA Coronado Center Deliberative Engagement Meetings

By Cheri Nelson, January 22, 2020

Charrette 2.0

Brought to you by the Deliberative Engagement Committee

Meetings are currently being held to discuss what is now being referred to as the “Coronado Complex”. I must admit I have always known this area as the Coronado Community Center/library, the fitness center, and the tennis courts as separate entities.  Now they are apparently viewed as one large complex.

The January 20, 2020 event was the fourth of small group meetings of Property Owners.  The event was sponsored and run by members of the Deliberative Engagement Committee, I must admit:

  • First, that I had never even heard of such a committee until the previous day (January 19, 2020) and, 
  • Secondly, my mind went What???  Who??? Where did they come from??? This group is apparently a subcommittee of the Recreation Committee. So, I was very surprised to hear the name of this group. It sounds like something out of Star Wars.  I looked around for the storm troopers I expected to come stomping into the room. I was really kind of disappointed when the only person who stood up to speak and start the meeting was NOT Darth Vader, but our very own Stacy Hoover.

Limited Seating

To initiate this meeting, letters were sent out to folks who are registered users of the fitness center, those who register to use the tennis courts, and those who are known to rent space in the Coronado Community Center.

There were also flyers about the meeting handed out at the fitness center last week.  Seating was limited to 60 seats and you had to register with the POA to attend. Those who responded were signed up and then as we arrived and checked in, we were randomly assigned a seat at one of six tables.

Assignment to tables at Coronado Community Center Deliberative Engagement Meeting

To begin the meeting, Stacy Hoover made a few brief remarks, and then a member of the Recreation Committee, assigned to each table began the discussion.  The first statement by our table leader was to dispel all the rumors and assure us that there are NO, None, Zilch, Nada, NO plans to build a lodge in this area at this time.  We were assured by our leader that the purpose of this meeting was for the Recreation Committee to hear from us as Property Owners and gather our ideas about what could be done to improve the usage of the complex. In that spirit, they provided all participants with four questions which we all answered verbally.  

Deliberative Engagement Meeting discussion

Each table, held their discussion and then when finished, those participants left. So while some tables were finished within 30 minutes, other tables took a bit longer. I understand from participants seated at other tables that they experienced a bit more livelier conversation than what occurred at my table.

Within the group at my table, the consensus seemed to be based on the very limited and broad statement, that the decrease in usage of the fitness center, and rental of the Coronado Community Center, are both directly related to the increased fees.  We all realize it is difficult to compete with “Free” rental in regards to the Community Center. Having “Free” facilities close by makes it even more imperative that we have lower competitive pricing.

We also discussed, issues like lack of parking for big events or multiple events within the complex.

One gentleman insisted that the Silver Sneakers program was a problem affecting revenue, although my personal opinion is that if we didn’t have Silver Sneakers and similar programs, the fitness center would be in dire straights and likely have to close.

We made suggestions such as for the fitness center to remain open later a couple of days a week to accommodate those with families and those who are still working, and to advertise that they were actually doing this.

Everyone agreed that the Coronado Community Center needed to be cleaned up, ceiling tiles fixed and or replaced, rooms painted, etc. and the kitchen renovated and brought into this century.

Another lady suggested a big screen TV that could be playing a picture of the trails to simulate walking the trails at the fitness center for those working on the exercise machines. 

Once we answered the four questions provided for us by the committee, we were excused to leave.   There was not a discussion between the group as a whole. The conversations were solely contained in the small groups at the individual round tables. 

Hot Springs Village CCC Deliberate Engagement questions
4 Questions asked at Colorado Community Center Deliberative Engagement

The Deliberative Engagement Committee members will take their findings back to the Recreation Committee for further review, then make their suggestions to the POA and Board of Directors.

It would have been nice if we could have moved amongst the tables answering each of the four questions so that each member would have heard directly from each participant, rather than relying on the memory of each table moderator to portray what was said. It would have been even nicer if, at the conclusion, they would have opened the discussion up to the group as a whole.

By Cheri Nelson, January 22, 2020

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