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HSVPOA Board Member Jones Resigns


Email to HSV Property Owners:

HSVPOA BOARD BRIEF #16 – Feb. 11, 2022

“The HSVPOA Board of Directors announces the resignation of Board member Chris Jones, effective April 20, 2022. Jones has accepted a new position and will no longer be able to meet the time requirements of being a Board member. The Board has appreciated Jones’ business-minded approach and contributions this past year.

“Noted Jones, “I will forever be grateful to the property owners who elected me to serve on the Board of our fine community. While it is unfortunate that I cannot finish out my term, I have full confidence in the leadership of the current and following boards to continue the positive trend that we have all recognized. It has truly been an eye-opening experience to hear about community issues from all different angles and recognize the vast amount of time and energy that goes into running this community from operations through Owner relations.”

 “The resignation of Chris Jones in April opens another seat on the Board of Director in the coming election. Voters will now be voting to fill a total of 4 seats instead of 3.”


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