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Hot Springs Village Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Procedure

Residential Solid Waste:

  • Hot Springs Village POA (HSVPOA) recommends all household waste be placed in a plastic bag and placed in a POA issued residential cart. The HSVPOA is not responsible for picking up loose trash that may fall out of the cart as the trash cart is being tipped.
  • Sanitation carts must be placed at the street edge (within 3 feet) in front of the residence no later than 7:00 A.M. on the day of collection and removed from the edge of pavement within 24 hours of collection.
  • Residential trash carts are provided by HSVPOA. The POA offers two sizes of residential carts, 96 gallon or 64 gallons.
  • No yard waste, special collection items, or building materials will be collected or mixed with any regular household waste.
  • Residential customers are limited to a maximum of two (2) carts.
  • At house collection of household waste will be provided by request and a signed waiver allowing HSVPOA sanitation truck to pull into the residence’s driveway per the approved fee schedule. Residents that are medically disabled are eligible for a 20% discounted rate, with a letter from their doctor.
  • Only HSVPOA authorized waste haulers can pick up residential solid waste within the boundaries of Hot Springs Village POA.
  • POA sanitation crews have the right to refuse pick up of any waste noncompliant to policy.

Yard Waste – Call in Required – 501-922-5524

  • A yard waste tag is required on each yard waste paper bag or bundle of limbs. Yard waste tags can be purchased for a fee per each bag to be removed.
  • Yard waste is picked up by special request only and must be placed within five (5) feet from the edge of the road.
  • Beginning March 1, 2022, all yard waste will be required to be put into paper yard waste bags. The HSVPOA will no longer pick up yard waste in plastic bags or plastic bio-degradable bags. There is a limit of 50 bags per collection.
  • Limbs must be cut to lengths of four (4) feet or less, must be bundled (not bagged), no more than 3” in diameter, and weigh no more than 40 pounds per bundle.

Special Collections – Call in Required – 501-922-5524

  • Special items include furniture, appliances, water heaters, grills, metal pieces, wood, tires, etc. One (1) load or pickup is defined as the amount that would fit into a 6-feet by 8-feet truck bed.
  • Crews will only pick up a LIMITED amount of construction material per special pick up (ex. 120 sq. ft. of rolled carpet, 20 boards of decking material, 20 boards of landscape timber.) All nails must be removed prior to pick up.
  • Special collections are every Friday unless noted due to weather, holidays, or scheduled by HSVPOA staff for specific pickup date.
  • Special collections are by request only and must be placed within five (5) feet from the edge of the road. Residents must make sure there is 3-feet clearance around the item(s) for pickup with a grapple truck.
  • There is a fee charge for special collections per load or pickup.


  • Hot Springs Village does a recycling event every Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon at Grove Park (aluminum, glass, newspaper, paper, No. 1 and 2 plastics only) All other recycling may be taken to the following locations:

• Garland County Recycle Center, 685 N Highway 7, HSV
• Hot Springs Recycle Center, 218 Runyon St., Hot Springs
• Saline County Recycle Center, 18511 Sardis Rd., Bauxite

Commercial Solid Waste:

  • All commercial establishments within Hot springs Village are required to use a commercial bin or 96-gallon cart supplied by the HSVPOA. The Property Owner will be responsible for setting up the accounts for their tenants and will be responsible for all billing and payments. The Property owner will be responsible for ensuring their tenants have enough containers to sustain the waste they generate.
  • If the commercial customer uses a bin, it must be placed in an accessible area designated by a Public Works representative in conjunction with the tenant or landlord.
  • Commercial areas containing two (2) or more tenants may elect to share a commercial bin(s). The property owner will be responsible for all billing and payments.
  • All commercial customers will be obligated to keep clear anything that will prevent an automated truck from having access to commercial bins.
  • Only HSVPOA licensed waste haulers can pick up commercial solid waste within the boundaries of Hot Springs Village POA.

Important Phone Numbers:

Hot Springs Village Public Services – 501-922-5524 or bcameron@hsvpoa.org
Hot Springs Village POA – 501-922-5556 or explorethevillage.org
Highway 7 Recycle Center – 501-623-7499
Garland County Landfill – 501-623-8243
Saline County Landfill – 501-569-3751
Hot Springs Electronic Recycling – 501-321-6911


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