HSV BOD Candidate Stephen Rust
Stephen Rust, Hot Springs Village Board of Director Candidate

If Elected to the HSV Board of Directors

My promise to you, if I am elected to the HSV Board of Directors, I will listen to the people. My platform is based on what I believe the concerns of the people to be now. I believe the vote against the amendments spoke to two different issues.

1. I believe the vote no was in part because the majority do not like the direction the CMP is taking the village. I will work toward stopping the implementation of the CMP. I would like to see a plan to market the village as it and not bring in more restaurants, motels, shopping centers, etc.

2. I believe the vote was a vote of no confidence in our leadership. Without being critical of anyone, I believe we should look for a new CEO, which will be a step toward villagers again trusting the leadership.

3. We must stop spending large sums of money unnecessarily.

4. With multiplied millions in deferred maintenance, we must begin to do necessary maintenance and repair our infrastructure.

5. I would like to see the HSV Board of Directors work toward a financial committee in order to come up with a workable budget.

6. I would like to see salaries reviewed and put in line with what is reasonable for a village such as ours.

Stephen Rust, HSV BOD Candidate and wife, Suzan
Stephen Rust and his lovely wife, Suzan

7. I would like to see fewer executive board meetings. Executive board meetings should be limited to disciplinary matters and legal matters that can’t be made public.

8. I would like to see HSV Board of Directors meetings with open discussions in order to hear from the villagers. Board meetings I have attended seem more as we have been given a privilege to attend rather than our right to attend. I lean more toward a board of advisors who bring recommendation to the people for the people to decide the direction of the village. I believe we should have a board that advises people on what they believe is the best direction rather than a board that makes all the decisions without input from the people.

9. I would like to take a look at the two-tier system and see if it should and could be changed. I am not sure if the old system was best, but would like to explore the options to come up with the best way. 10. With a village as divided as ours presently is, we must have leadership that goes overboard at being open and transparent in order to regain the trust of the villagers.

11. I believe the villagers must stay involved in the village matters. Even the best of HSV Board members, with the best of intentions, without the people’s involvement will eventually take us back to where we are now.

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A little more insight into me.

Since moving to the Village and learning of the problems, everything I have researched, studied, posted, everything I have done, am doing now (including running for the board), and will do, is for one main goal and that is to make Hot Springs Village successful. When my wife and I bought our house and moved here we did so to live out our retirement years. You see in our 44 1/2 years of marriage, we have moved about 20 times, following my jobs. When we unloaded our moving truck we did so with the idea of never packing another moving box. I hope to be making some very practical commonsense posts very soon. I’m not planning a secret campaign strategy to reveal later to try and assure that I get a board seat. If I get elected to the HSV Board of Directors and can use that to help HSV be successful, great. If I don’t get elected, but my input helps to get people thinking a makes the village successful, great. If either of these two ways keeps HSV on the right track, I count that as a win-win situation. My wife has also been very involved in this entire process. Again I welcome all comments and questions.

Stephen Rust, HSV BOD Candidate
Hot Springs Village BOD Candidate Stephen Rust and wife, Suzan
Stephen Rust HSV Board Candidate and wife, Suzan

I appreciate your support in my endeavor to become your next

Hot Springs Village Board Director.