“It’s better for the general public if older people don’t drive,”  said John Norquist, president and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism. He remembers trying to get his father to give up his car and move near a bus terminal. The HSV Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) is based on New Urbanism.

But seniors aren’t always as willing to give up their car keys as their children – and as planners and policymakers – would wish.

You almost have to pry the car keys out of their hands

John Norquist, CEO of the CNU

New Urbanists Reject Gated Communities.

New Urbanists Reject Retirement Communities.

The Comprehensive Master Plan is based upon New Urbanism Politics. New Urbanism Politics may not be acceptable to most of the property owners of Hot Springs Village.

Our CEO Lesley Nalley belongs to the Congress for New Urbanism.

John Norquist is the CEO of  the Congress of New Urbanism.

How would the HSV Comprehensive Master Plan(CMP) affect senior HSV property owners? 

In July, 2001, when the Communist Party held its 27th national convention in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student union, Norquist sent the convention his greetings, noting commonalities between the city’s socialist heritage and the goals of the Communist Party. This is the political ideology behind  Hot Springs Village’s Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP).

Failed New Urbanism Project in Bryant Arkansas
Failed New Urbanism Project in Bryant Arkansas