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Ugly Cakes in Hot Springs Village

Not Pretty, Just Pretty Tasty

Cindy Koprivnikar, co-owner, and creator of Ugly Cakes in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas believes in turning out a product so delicious that, “no crumb is left behind.” Cindy, along with “the best hubby around,” Bill, runs the cottage industry out of their home. Daughter, Lindi, is a graphics designer by trade and assists the entrepreneurs with customer service and webmaster expertise from her home in Los Angeles.

How Ugly Cakes Came To Be

The Koprivnikars originally offered their confectionaries and treats at the Farmers Market and First Fridays in downtown Phoenix before expanding their business in 2021. Recently relocating to Hot Springs Village, the Koprivnikars brought Ugly Cakes with them.

Both of their daughters, Rebekah and Lindi, played an integral role in the birth of the company by encouraging Momma Cindy to sell her home-baked goods. Rebekah lives in Phoenix where she works full time and also has a business where she does voice-overs. Cindy said, “Both of my girls are amazing and encouraged me to start this business. I told them, ‘but I don’t decorate!'” Lindi responded, “call it Ugly Cakes! It’s not pretty, just pretty tasty!”

It’s All in the Family (Grandma)

Cindy learned her way around the kitchen as a child when her dear grandmother taught her how to cook and bake using recipes passed down for generations. Grandma, always sharing her delicious creations with family and friends said, “be a blessing to others and they will bless you”. Cindy exclaimed, “with Grandma, nothing was measured! I kept watching my grandmother and asking her many questions as to how and why she did something a certain way. Eventually, just like Grandma, I could also measure half a cup or a cup by sight.”

Taste Over Appearance

Cindy bakes small batches, using fresh, quality ingredients, spending up to three hours making a single cake. “I’m a one-woman show and I bake orders as they come in.” Ugly Cakes does not care if the result is pretty, but they do care about the taste and the satisfaction of their customers. Cindy says, “we jokingly suggest you ‘eat in the dark’. In a market saturated with edible glitter, frou-frou icing, or baked goods that resemble fondant sculptures, we’re pretty set on believing that taste will always conquer presentation.”

Have Your Cake and Eat Pie, Too

Cindy has a wide variety of tasty treats on her menu including cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, old-fashioned peanut butter fudge, and seasonal bonbons.

One of the bakery’s cake offerings is a best-selling German chocolate cake that consists of three moist layers of cake with a sweet, gooey coconut pecan frosting. Also, among many other cake choices, is a soft and dense carrot cake topped with Cindy’s signature cream cheese frosting and pecans. Both whole cakes and cupcakes can be ordered.

The pie choices include but are not limited to, an old-fashioned, flaky crust, sweet apple pie, and also a strawberry pie, with fresh, seasonal fruit glazed in a light homemade strawberry sauce and smothered with whipped cream.

Calvin is the Face of Ugly Cakes and Other Facts

Calvin the Cupcake is the face of Ugly Cakes. He is very shy and often wears a bag over his head because he thinks he is ugly. Lindi is the creator of Calvin.

Hot Springs Village Ugly Cakes Calvin Cupcake

Ugly Cakes relies mostly on word-of-mouth and Yelp advertising. Drop in on the website by clicking here where you can contact Cindy and place an order. Click here to visit Ugly Cakes on Facebook.

In order to operate a home-based business in the Village, Cindy and Bill obtained a permit from the Hot Springs Village POA and also a business license from the Garland County Clerk’s office.

Bill said about his wife’s baking, “it’s a wonder I’m not 300 lbs after 48 years living with a skilled baker. (She makes me taste the leftovers.)”

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Thank you for supporting local Village businesses.

By Cheryl Dowden, February 13, 2022


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