Hot Springs Village Journey Thus Far

Greetings Hot Springs Villagers, Friends, Neighbors, and Vote 3 For HSV,

The GOOD folks of Hot Springs Village have been through the wringer.  You know this and we do too.  Management has done their best to change the very fabric of our beautiful and once tranquil little slice of Heaven, our special little Mountain Village, with their overreaching and odious attempts to turn our Village into an urban jungle. Did any of us move here for this?  Doubtful that many did.

Many people have been concerned that their very lives would be upturned and ruined due to the callous and indifferent actions of management- actions that give us pause as to the reason behind them.  What are the end goals?  Do these actions benefit Hot Springs Villagers?

What Happened in Hot Springs Village?

Management held their expensive Charettes (Charades) and tried to fool Hot Springs Villagers into believing the fairy tale promises and false dreams of the New Urbanism Comprehensive Master Plan.  They turned our once modest and sensible 3-page Protective Covenants into a monstrous, overreaching and punitive document in order to try to remove our property rights and control our every move.  

The Compliance Police have started “combing” Hot Springs Village for Protective Covenant Violations.  It was stated in the Hot Springs Village Voice that they would start from one end of the village and work their way through to the other side, looking for violations.  Possibly many folks on limited incomes have been forced to pay unjust fines, taking this out of their already overstretched budget.  

 They sent out their glossy mailings and broadcast their radio and published their newspaper advertisements, all to sway the general population of innocent Hot Springs Villagers.  This was done to achieve a yes vote for the proposed Declaration changes.  They misjudged our intelligence and mistook our trust for not caring.  It didn’t work.  We woke up and we will not fall asleep again.

We Won the Vote

 Hot Springs Villagers unabashedly won the NO vote; ALL of us together, including John Cooper III.  No one person did this.   Many of us fought and worked for the betterment of the community in the Take Back Hot Springs Village Movement. 

We are proud of EVERYONE for their part in this magnificent feat.  Thank you, all the wonderful property owners of Hot Springs Village, who have stood your ground against the tentacles of the octopus which have reached into all our governing documents and placed a stranglehold on the very core of HSV Government, our Board of Directors and Committees.  Much damage has been done to our once-tranquil little haven.  Now is the time to repair and turn things around.

Reasons for Endorsing the ONLY 3 for HSV

We come to the second part of our battle to win back the sovereignty of our little piece of Paradise.  We must elect responsive and responsible Board Candidates.  We must elect those who will listen to us and represent us.  Those who will not succumb to the wiles of management’s trickery are the ones we need to stand steadfast for what we believe.

We must elect those who will listen, represent and fight for us.  These folks must be beyond reproach.  These folks must not have conducted scorched earth campaigns to tear down other candidates.  We need Board Directors we can trust. If we don’t elect trustworthy representatives, how can we expect things to change?  

The candidates we elect must also possess sound management skills in addition to ethics and have experience in leading and managing.  These candidates must have entrepreneurial experience or held high positions in business. These candidates must possess the competence to lead and manage, have high levels of integrity and possess the never-ending enthusiasm to represent us. Many folks have asked who we are endorsing, so we thought we would share who we feel are the ONLY 3 for HSV.

These candidates are without a doubt:

Lloyd Sherman***Tormey Campagna***Diana Podawiltz


Lloyd Sherman

Lloyd Sherman- a man of the highest integrity, is a smart and savvy businessman who says what he does and does what he says.  He is dependable, honest and fair-minded.  Lloyd has more energy than most and his drive to achieve his goals is admirable and unparalleled.  He works on many different items at once, tackling them with determination and somehow achieving success with all- a multi-tasker of the highest level.  We will sleep well with Lloyd Sherman helping to guide and direct the Village.

Tormey Campagna

Tormey Campagna- a man who is methodical, painstaking and trustworthy is on our list of three.  He is straight-forward, while at the same time shows tact in his interactions with fellow Villagers. He is a good listener.  We know he will negotiate for our side and achieve the best deal possible.  He is a community and business leader extraordinaire and has been a successful marketer, manager and leader for several companies in a long and successful career.  Tormey more than meets our expectations.

Diana Podawiltz

Diana Podawiltz- a woman of great knowledge, both in matters of the Village and finances, has B.S. degrees in Business Administration and Accounting.  She raised her son while at the same time started her own accounting and financial service practices.  She has served on Boards with great success and did extensive volunteer work for the communities where she lived, selflessly serving when asked to do so.  The characteristics that most impress us about Diana are her unfettered enthusiasm, boundless energy and ability to pinpoint problems and find solutions.  Diana will be an exceptional addition to the HSV Board of Directors.

Damaged road
Water main break

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These are the ONLY Candidates well vetted and trusted to serve the needs of Hot Springs Villagers to bring us into a newly prosperous and peaceful era.  These are the only candidates that receive our seal of approval. 

Best wishes and prosperous times ahead for Hot Springs Villagers!

Feel free to share this message.

Kind regards,

Cheryl Dowden