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Good News! Unlimited Data!

Who could use a little good news today?

Putting the genie back in the bottle

One of the issues that have plagued the Village is fast and full coverage of internet access. Considering that 50 years ago, when the Village was initially engineered, the internet was not even a glimmer in Bill Gates’ eye yet, we are doing better than could be expected.

With the Covid-19 virus all around us, most internet providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) have done something they’ve resisted for the last 30 years… unlimited data caps!

The internet providers claimed for years that if everyone had access to unlimited data, it would crash the network. Well, enter March 2020 when the internet providers have turned off all of the data caps to ensure that people working at home don’t run up enormous bills. Not removing the data caps could result in bad public relations for internet providers. As a matter of fact, BroadbandNow shows that internet health is… well… frankly, excellent.

It appears to me that no internet providers have crashed nor there have not been widespread outages, and the end of the world has not occurred on the internet.

hsv unlimited data

That said, putting the “internet data caps” genie back in the bottle will prove nigh on to impossible. Now that we realize the internet will not crash there is tons of dark fiber laying in the ground, that’s the technical term for unused bandwidth; it would be hard for anyone to petition the FTC with a valid discussion that they were charging for data to limit internet traffic and protect the internet bandwidth.

While this is not earth-shattering good news, it will be a welcome relief for millions of cable cutters and high data users who have been paying a premium for what the FTC openly admits is some of the most expensive internet on the planet.

You would think the place where the internet was invented would have a better monthly price than is currently offered.  Click here to view the chart and read the article titled, “The Cost of Mobile Internet Around The World” at Statistica.

Wash your hands and use all the data you want. 🙂


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