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HSVPOA CEO’s Achievements Noted by Board

Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association (HSVPOA) held its March 18, 2020 meeting in isolation at the HSVPOA Conference Room, due to escalating COVID-19 concerns.

Board Directors at the meeting were: Chairperson, Cindi Erickson; Vice Chairperson, Tormey Campagna; Parliamentarian, Nancy Luehring; Diana Podawiltz; and Mike Medica.

Also sitting at the table were Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lesley Nalley and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Liz Mathis.

Near the end of the meeting, Chair Erickson addressed the CEO’s contract. She said she wanted to make sure everybody hears her comment. This is what she said:

Erickson: “As per Article 9, Section 1 of the Bylaws, the Board reviewed the performance of CEO, Lesley Nalley for calendar year 2019. During that review, the following achievements were noted with appreciation.

  • “The transition from Village Homes and Land to a realtor-based marketing program for POA lots,
  • “A clean audit report, regarding the POA’s financial statements, indicating compliance with GAP principles for a second year in a row,
  • “That Lesley represented the Association to regional, statewide and industry representatives exceedingly well,
  • “That her staff unwaveringly commends her leadership,
  • Key metrics which represent financial health of the Association such as:
    • Funding of reserves,
    • Avoidance of decapitalization,
    • Debt ratios in sustaining member equity continue to be upheld,
    • Lot and rooftop targets were met, and
    • Progress on infrastructure deferred maintenance reduction- notably that all lift stations became fully operational.

“The Board and CEO Nalley have reviewed the terms of her current employment contract and together we have chosen to affirm them as they currently stand, with no revisions.

“The contract will auto-renew with these same terms on April 1, 2021, unless terminated.

“So I wanted to make that statement with appreciation for everybody’s participation in the process. Thank you.


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By Cheryl Dowden, March 19, 2020

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