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Garner v HSVPOA Continued

by Karen Daigle Lundberg, August 7, 2019

Message from Gene Garner

The hearing set for Thursday, August 8, has been continued, no new date has been made yet.

The reason for the continuation is because the BOD didn’t record the protective covenants with the County Clerks in Saline or Garland counties. So basically all the fines and permits that the ACC collected were “illegal exactions”. Anyone that paid these fees were charged illegally.

I’m not a lawyer and I’m stating only my opinion.

Gene Garner

A big BOO-BOO?

It looks like our old-guard BOD and our $210,000-plus-a-thirty- percent-bonus-per-year CEO have a big BOO-BOO on their hands AGAIN. Actually “BOO-BOO” might not be the correct word to use. Let’s say that our old-guard BOD and way-too-highly-paid CEO, Lesley Nalley, made a huge blunder that just cost them another lawsuit and has left them all with egg on their face.

As stated above, Gene Garner’s Hearing, which was scheduled to be heard Thursday, August 8, 2019, has been continued. The reason you ask: Well, it really is quite simple, evidently our BOD and highly-paid CEO weren’t aware or forgot to file the Protective Covenants. I think they may now be scurrying around like little mice, trying to pick up all of the bread crumbs (or their mistakes) before anyone sees them or catches them.

Click here to read the Gene Garner lawsuit synopsis.

Click here to read the Gene Garner amended complaint.

The old three-page Protective Covenants document was rescinded when the new 119-page Protective Covenants were “adopted”. (Since this time, the 119-page Protective Covenants have been amended and reduced to 116 pages.) The reason the hearing was continued is that the POA never filed the new Protective Covenants with the County Clerks. Evidently, it seems that perhaps someone got lost on the way to the courthouse and forgot to file them in both Garland and Saline Counties. Folks, you just have to laugh at this stuff. No one could make this stuff up.

So for all of you out there who were fined for breaking any protective covenant or paid for a permit, you are possibly entitled to a REFUND! Go get it and watch inside the office. I promise you will see mice everywhere scurrying to figure out how they can clean up this mess, and all of the other messes they are still trying to hide from us.

Word of advice to the old guard and CEO:

If you would just be honest, there would be no mice scurrying around, and you could actually show your faces in the Village without everyone in the room talking badly behind your back. 

Of course, it seems, our CEO would never, ever come out clean with everything. So everybody, watch the mice. They might lead us in other directions.

mice huddling in hsv, ar
Are these mice huddling or cuddling?

One less lawsuit on the books. The only major lawsuit right now is the ISN (Security Gates) Lawsuit, and we can all sit back and watch them lose more than they sued for. I think those mice ought to be huddled closely, discussing settlement in that one.

Karen Daigle Lundberg, August 7, 2019

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Note: The author of this article is not licensed to practice law.

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