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A new plan for HSVPOA

by Tom Blakeman, August 8, 2019

A new plan for HSVPOA – special note on golf

Cheryl’s note: Tom Blakeman put a lot of thought and work into developing “A new plan” for HSVPOA. In this plan, Tom outlines an eight-step process to turn the Village around. It includes the identification of multiple problems and proposes solutions. Of special note is Appendix 1 which contains ideas and solutions on HSV Golf.

Clarification: This article was originally published in August of 2019 and Tom is referring to past leaders.

In Hot Springs Village it appears that over the last several years our Board of Directors has been attempting to change the philosophy or ‘moral compass’ of the POA. By original definition, the HSV-POA was created as an organization to serve and protect the Members and assets with a corresponding philosophy.” 

Tom Blakeman

Click on the PDF below to enlarge & read Tom’s plan


About the author

Tom Blakeman has been a full-time resident homeowner in Hot Springs Village since January 2016. He is retired. His background includes: 
Bachelor of Science Degree – Engineering 
Masters Degree – Business Administration 
Licensed Real Estate Broker (Texas) 
Over 20 years experience in various corporate positions 
Over 20 years as owner of his own business 
Tom is a golfer and a do-it-yourselfer. He likes to fix things. His professional work experiences included, among other things, business management and operations, real estate sales and marketing, project engineering, economic analysis, business writing and review and interpretation of contracts.

By Tom Blakeman

Formatted by Cheryl Dowden

HSV Photography by Joe Dowden

Published August 9, 2019

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