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Denger Given Opportunity to Appeal Suspension of Privileges – Hot Springs Village

We recently published documents about an incident occurring at the Hot Springs Village West Gate on January 26, 2022, regarding Property Owner and HSVPOA Board Candidate, Kirk Denger. Click here to read those documents. Click here to read Mr. Denger’s statement regarding this issue. Mr. Denger stated that he was denied ingress to his property when he did not show his POA Identification card for scanning to Securitas Security gate personnel or have a window sticker on his vehicle. During the course of this event, traffic was backed up in the left entrance lane and the HSV Police were called to the scene. Mr. Denger was verified as a Property Owner by the police officer and allowed to enter the gates.

Due to this incident, Hot Springs Village Community Development Manager, Charles Brown, subsequently recommended to the General Manager, Kelly Hale, that Mr. Denger lose his privileges for a period of one month.

In a February 15, 2022 article in the Hot Springs Village Voice, GM Hale stated, “Our gates are a critical asset and marketing advantage we have as a community and many of our members moved here for the structure we have in place to provide that security. It is unfortunate that we had incidents that have impacted these critical assets by being challenged. These most recent incidents have cost precious time of our limited resources of not only our guards but our police department as well. These most recent incidents created an unsafe environment for our members and our neighboring communities. In my short tenure as General Manager, I have been meeting with our POA staff and have had several accounts of our employees being abused by our members. The POA employees and vendors are here to serve and support our members’ customer experience and should be treated with dignity and respect as partners in our community.”

Denger has repeatedly stated that Securitas Security and Hot Springs Village POA reports of the incident do not match his recording of the event.

Mr. Denger received a letter from the POA on February 14, 2022, from GM Hale in which he was notified about the suspension of his POA privileges for refusal to comply with HSVPOA Policy and Procedures. 

Mr. Denger has the right to appeal this decision at a Board meeting scheduled on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

Letter From HSVPOA GM Kelly Hale to Kirk Denger Suspending Privileges


Cheryl Dowden, HSV People, February 15, 2022


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