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HSV Property Owner’s Right of Ingress and Egress

2/5/22 by Peter Kirk Denger

“$2.5 million dollar contract between Securitas and HSV POA and the integrity of the Compliance Division are in question after Securitas Manager’s falsified report disputes HSVPD Deputy Sheriff’s Report.

“Securitas Manager Jacqualyn Polley blatantly lied no less than nine times on her report of 1/26/22 and follow up emails, that she asked Peter Kirk Denger for Identification other than his POA card, disputing the HSVPD Report. Charles Brown repeated the lies to HSV GM John Paul no less than seven times in his Memo. The evidence of the falsification is a clear cell phone video captured by a passenger in Kirk Denger’s vehicle. The video can be viewed on you-tube at Hotspringsvillagepeople.com/ West Gate Incidents HSV. All documentation and real-time videos are available for Property Owner and attorney scrutiny.

“Securitas gate guards, under direct orders from Charles Brown through approval of the POA GM and BODs, instituted yet another restriction to impair HSV Property Owner’s right to ingress their property. For the last three weeks before these incidents at the manned gates, the Compliance Division is ordering Property Owners to give up their cards; handled by gloveless and mask-less guards, in order to go to their property, backing up traffic and further impairing access to their property. The incident at the gate on 1/24/22 happened because I asked Guard Joshua Comeaux to bring the scanner to the card, as I did not want to give it up to him. You can only see the last of his reaction in the video because of the time lag between the beginning of his rant and starting the video. He screamed the “F” word three times in front of my two minor daughters. The only evidence that his report is falsified, is three eyewitnesses and conditional probability. After you view the video, you will see that it is comical that he stated on his report that I was irate, if I were irate it would show on the guardhouse monitor if not erased. Several false statements on his falsified report, again his false statements are perpetuated by Charles Brown to John Paul.

“Examination of the alleged violations committed: policy guide, Chapter 1, Article 5, Section 6, only states that a Property Owner Card must be shown to a POA employee to access amenities and facilities. I was not attempting to access an amenity or facility and Securitas are not POA employees. All of the rest of the policies mentioned are completely baseless, poppycock gibberish, having nothing to do with these alleged incidents, ask Rose Law firm. The only Policy that needs to be remembered by the entire POA chain of command, pertaining to these incidents of backing up traffic because of the circumstances of their own making, is Chapter Three- Public Safety, Article 1, Ingress & Egress, Section 1. Policy: “Hot Springs Village property owners have the unimpaired right to ingress and egress to property owned by him/her”. HSVPOA Declaration, Article 8, Section 6: “Each Owner shall have a right of ingress and egress and passage over all private ways of access for vehicles for himself, members of his household”… The POA cannot place restrictive rules on Property Owners without their 2/3rds majority consent.

“Charging $10 for stickers is another impairment to Property Owner’s rite of passage, I was the only Director that voted against this Poll Tax. You cannot charge for passage to your property. Far better security will be achieved with every eligible Owner and member of his/her household with a vehicle having a free sticker that can go through the left or right lane, and get rid of the failed carnival sticks that cause bottleneck congestion and which serve no purpose to stop the less that one-tenth of one percent of vehicles that have no business in HSV.

“For the very few who can hear, hearsay produces rumors and rumors are compounded when they are based on false information. I have prepared an apology for those few who are human enough to sign it.

“I made a disparaging comment about a person that I should not have made. I honestly was NOT speaking from first-hand experience but only going by hearsay. Since I made a public comment about Peter Kirk Denger, I would like to publicly apologize. I am sorry for my unfounded comment. Hopefully, I will learn in the future to speak only from experience instead of posting second-hand comments. Please forgive me for my rude and misinformed comment.
Signed by_______________________.

“The content of these POA allegations is a prime example of attempted political character assassination by the current board of Directors who created the conditions for and condone falsified reports. They do not want anyone on the Board who does not go along with their charade that they have any idea of what they are doing. Why have they not filled the empty seat on the board with the next best candidate chosen by the Property Owners in the last election? Why are they hiding the EGP spreadsheet from the assessment increase vote?

“When you see unanimous voting on every vote except to feed deer, you can be sure that every one of them is complicit and condone each other’s behavior.”


Click here to read the reports from the HSVPOA, Securitas Security, and the HSV Police Department.

Click here to watch the videos released by Mr. Denger.


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