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Daniel P. Aylward – Open Letter to HSVPOA Board

By Daniel P. Aylward, November 19, 2019

Dear Board Members:

I just read the memorandum recommending prohibition of recording of meetings.  This is a very sad commentary on the state of affairs that the Board of Directors feels it must hide itself from recordings.

Our community has been divided in recent years by the real and perceived secrecy of the Board and staff.  Indeed, this has been generated by the lack of transparency in the board behavior and manifests itself in unfortunate decisions that are highly unpopular and unnecessary.  These self-inflicted wounds fester in the community and create a difficult environment.

Admittedly, the Board and staff have done this together and have created such a level of distrust that it will be many years before the damage can be corrected.  The Board must take dramatic action if it is to correct the problem.  However, this action does just the opposite.

Withholding of information is not in keeping with the concept of the POA.  This is a homeowner’s association charged with providing services to the homeowners.  It is not intended to be a force fighting the residents but rather a positive force for good for the community.  Instead, it acts as if the Board and staff are paranoid of the residents ever finding out the truth about what happens at the POA.

This lack of transparency has manifested itself in the hiding of the report from the Budget Committee, the hiding of the historical findings of the Marketing Subcommittee and the attempted hiding of the recommendations of that committee as three examples of which I am aware. 

Minutes do not represent the actual events of a meeting and are necessarily skewed by the writer’s opinions and the opinion of the Chairperson.  They can never reflect the tone and attitude of the comments that were made.  Therefore, they are necessarily an imprecise representation of the activity in a meeting.

Our committees are proud of the work they do in support of the POA.  These HSV residents give of their time and treasure to improve the environment in which we live.  To assert that they are not adept enough to decide if they wish their meetings to be recorded is an affront to everyone who volunteers their efforts.  It is indeed insulting to the intelligence of the committee chairs and the committee members.

I fear the POA is continuing its slide into a confrontational approach with the residents that clearly illustrates a definite disdain for the homeowners who are shareholders of the POA.  We elect our representatives to serve the community, not support ill-advised programs and policies at the expense of the residents.

I urge you to strongly oppose this recommendation, insist on greater transparency and bring the POA back to serving the community in the future.

Thank you for your service to our community!

Daniel P. Aylward

President and CEO

Worldwide Leisure Management LLC

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 71909

Campagna’s Memo to Revise Open Meeting Policy


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