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By Teri Jackson, November 20, 2019

This is an addendum to my previous article, WHERE HAS OUR VILLAGE GONE?

Sources closely affiliated with the POA have contacted me to correct erroneous information in my guest commentary.  To set the record straight, I want to address the following two issues:


I began my research on the issues I spoke to in my article as far back as August of this year.  I accessed the POA website and printed the policies, bylaws, and charters I was interested in addressing.  On 8/26/19, the Governance Committee Charter on the POA website listed the CEO as a voting member.

I was unaware the charter was subsequently revised on 9/18/19 by Board action to identify the CEO as a non-voting member of the committee and that is so stipulated in the document on the POA’s website today.

Therefore, I want to acknowledge and correct the point in my commentary regarding the Governance Committee and express my thanks to the Board for correcting a bad situation that had been in existence since its inception in August 2017.


I think they totally missed the point so let me clarify myself on this topic.  For 46 years, we’ve been designated as a corporation as established by John Cooper in 1970; I do not argue that point.  But only in the last three years has POA leadership adopted the attitude and posture that we should be organized and governed as a corporate entity.  This allows the POA to operate independently of what property owners want, as long as they “execute their fiduciary responsibilities and remain committed and loyal to the corporation”.

I stand by my comments and beliefs that we are not a ‘corporation’ and don’t want to be governed like one.  It worked for 46 years and it could easily work for another 46 if attitudes weren’t firmly entrenched in a corporate mindset, one that doesn’t feel any responsibility to the property owners that elected them and that pay the bills.

You can argue the semantics of ‘corporation’ all day, but it comes down to a technical definition versus a governing framework that is inclusive of property owners.  

Teri Jackson

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