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Clark Vernon Asks HSV – Can You Trust the Board?

On his community website, “AmericanaWhen.com, fellow Villager, Clark Vernon, states that Hot Springs Village has had “four untrustworthy regimes in 10 years and [is] still waiting for proper responsive management and a Board that serves the People!”.

Vernon also goes on to say, “unfortunately, the Board is at it again.”

“The last time the property owners were shown any respect was over 10 years ago when CCI was still in control. “

In a five-step process, Vernon outlines what he feels needs to be done. This starts with Property Owners being accorded their due respect and putting in place a method to help keep Board Directors accountable for their actions with a way to recall a Board Director.

In step one, Vernon explains that respect can start by striking the word ‘MEMBERSHIP’ from the Village POA vernacular and replacing it with ‘PROPERTY OWNERS.’  The use of the word ‘membership’ or ‘member’ “was Manager Twiggs’s ploy to reduce the Property Owners’ perception of themselves and as the theory goes – make us more manageable.  Give the Property Owners the right to recall Directors out-of-step with the ownership.  Give the owners the first-ever “Control Audit” as defined in Sarbanes Oxley.  Give ‘say so’ back to the owners over large expenditures.  Give the owners an ‘Honest’ review to include expense control before asking for more money.”  

“‘Membership’ is not ‘Ownership’.  If I can by frequent use of the term convince you that you are a ‘Member’, then I’m successful if I am trying to exert control over you.  ‘Ownership’ conveys substantially more rights in the general scheme of things.  Including the right not to be controlled as a mere ‘Member’.”

“Prove that we are not still suffering from ‘Bad Management’ by enabling the five following steps.” To finish reading Clark Vernon’s article, go to his website https://americanawhen.com/

By Cheryl Dowden, August 16, 2021

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