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Hot Springs Village – Your Voice Matters

HSV Matters and So Does Your Voice – Let the Board Know

The Future Revenue Analysis Task Force (FRATF) has worked hard over the past eight months. There is no doubt about this and the group deserves kudos. Undoubtedly, FRATF has produced a large volume of work in a detailed and professional manner and has done a fine job in fulfilling its purpose. But let’s get real and understand exactly what FRATF’s end goal was. While intending no disrespect to the fine individuals on FRATF, the ultimate goal of FRATF was to “sell an assessment increase to the Property Owners.” This has been obvious to almost everyone who has been paying attention over the past eight months.

Reckoning Time is Near

This week on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors will hold its regular monthly meeting.

At this meeting, the Board will vote on whether to have a Property Owner vote for an assessment increase and what option from FRATF’s recommendations it will use. Of course, the Board could also go with a different option or a variation of FRATF’s recommendations.

Although FRATF recommended three different options they also gave a fourth option of not having an assessment increase. It is doubtful the Board will proceed in this manner.

So, although I said “whether” there will be a vote, it is not really, “whether” as we can count on the Board to okay an assessment increase to be voted on by Property Owners.

Currently, there is a movement from some Villagers for a greater assessment increase than what is being proposed in FRATF’s final recommendation. FRATF has recommended the BOD go with option three. Click here to read FRATF’s recommendations:


Let the Board Know Where you Stand on this Important Issue

As already stated, FRATF’s ultimate goal was to “sell an assessment increase.” As a Hot Springs Village Property Owner, are you ‘sold’ on this increase?

If you want to make an impact regarding this issue, your window of opportunity is closing. You have only one way to make a difference regarding this important topic and your voice can be only be heard only if you contact the Board of Directors and make your wishes known. It is important that you let the Board know NOW where you stand on this issue – whether you support FRATF’s recommendation or not.

If in support of an increase, which option do you support? Do you support FRATF’s Option 3 recommendation?

An email to the BOD only takes a few minutes to write. The larger check you will be signing for future higher assessments will also only take a few minutes to write, but you will be writing this check month after month and year after year. And your assessment check is guaranteed to continuing rising. This is a certainty. Are you comfortable with this? If so, fine. But the critical question I am asking is, ‘are you comfortable knowing you did not let the Board know where you stand on this very important issue?’ If you have already sent them an email, send another.

Thank you in advance for contacting the Board.

The Hot Springs Village Board of Directors may be contacted by email at the following email addresses.

Joanie Corry, Chair | jcorry@hsvpoa.org

Tucker Omohundro, Vice-Chair | tomohundro@hsvpoa.org

Pam Avila | pavila@hsvpoa.org

Gary Belair | gbelair@hsvpoa.org

Chris Jones | cjones@hsvpoa.org

Robert McLeod | rmcleod@hsvpoa.org

By Cheryl Dowden, August 16, 2021

* * *

For your convenience, included below are FRATF’s PowerPoint slides for all three options and also the comparison chart. For a complete explanation, please go here.

FRATF Option 1 – Rapid Recovery


FRATF Option 2 – Special Assessment


FRATF Option 3 – Balanced Approach


FRATF Comparison of Three Options


* * *

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