Originally, this article was going to be titled, “Chad Wright Does it All,” but decided that is probably stretching things a little. Chad does do a lot, though.

Previously, I had the pleasure of making Chad’s acquaintance when we published the article titled, “Don’t Dump – Call Chad,” back in December of 2019. Since then, Chad, continuing his calling, has been very busy helping Villagers with all kinds of things.

As everyone in the Village is probably aware by now, we have a new sanitation system coming online on Monday, January 31, 2022. The Village is moving to a side-load, automatic pick-up system. In order to transition to this new system, everyone in the Village (except the Townhouse Association folks) has been issued a new trash cart or at least the process has started. While this sounds good to some and not so good to others, there has been a little noise from Villagers about the options for either finding uses for or discarding the old trash cans. No one wants to see all these old trash cans fill up the landfill.

Enter Stage W(right)

The reason I reached out to Chad again is that I saw that he posted in our Facebook Group, POG – Hot Springs Village People Property Owners’ Group, that he is willing to help Villagers get rid of their old trash cans. This is what Chad’s post said,

Old Trash Can Removal! Village residents only. When you get your new trash cans and don’t know what to do with your old ones, give us a call and we will pick them up for FREE!  Thank you. – Chad 501.226.7127.

Because Chad is such a delightful and helpful person, I couldn’t just leave it there. I had to find out exactly what he has been doing since we last connected. My questions are in black bolded text and Chad’s replies are in blue.

“Can you share with us the different services you provide and what you have been up to since we last talked?”

Chad: “Right now, I’m doing too many things…lol. There are lots of things that I can do and that I enjoy doing, but trying to do them all is starting to take its toll on me. So, with that being said, I’m going to try just doing the things it seems I do the most of here in the village and just concentrate on those:”

  1. Dryer vent inspection & cleaning.
  2. Dryer maintenance and repair.
  3. Appliance removal (will also haul away anything metal) – This is a FREE service.
  4. Install dishwashers and haul the old one away.
  5. Install garbage disposals.
  6. Install ceiling fans.

“How long have you lived in the Village?”

Chad: “We have been in the Village almost four years now. Still love it as much, if not more, than the first night we stayed!

“Are you originally from this area?”

Chad: “My wife and I both are from Texarkana.” 

“What is the name of your business?”

Chad: “Wright’s Appliance Service, which I’m thinking of changing to “Wright’s Service”.

“You said you would pick up unneeded trash cans.  Do you have a purpose for these cans?  Are you donating them?”

Chad: “We are picking up the old trash cans, in an effort to keep them out of the landfill.”

“Right now, they are going into storage buildings that I have rented. When we are done collecting them, I will then get them to people that can use them. I have several family members and friends with farms and businesses that can use them for multiple purposes. That’s just one avenue. We even have people that can use the ones without lids and ones with breaks or cracks. All of them can be used for something, somewhere.”

Chad, you mentioned that you pick up broken appliances?  Do you fix them and then resell them?

Chad: “Yes, I do haul away broken appliances. In the beginning, I was repairing what I could and reselling.”

“But now it’s just not cost-effective to do so. So, I do the same thing basically with the machines, as we are doing with the trash cans. I pick them up and try to get them to people that have the means and the room to repair them or can use the parts that are still salvageable.”

“The whole purpose behind this madness…lol, is the same as the trash cans. ‘Recycle, Reuse, Reimagine.'”

“Are you an in-home appliance repairman?”

Chad: “Mostly just working on dryers and dryer vents now. Those with the others I listed above, keep me pretty busy.”

“Do you work alone or do you have a helper(s)?”

Chad: “I work alone. My wife will come with me sometimes but mostly on my own.”

“What motivates you to do what you do?  What keeps you going?”

Chad: “I love what I do. I love helping people and doing what I can to make someone else’s day better.”

“There’s a line in a song that’s out on the radio now that fits pretty well into my way of thinking. “Do what you love and call it work”  Doesn’t get any better than that.” 

Chad can be contacted by phone at 501.226.7127 or by email at  chadwright2121@yahoo.com

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Chad Wright – Cleaning a Dryer Vent (Click the arrow to play video)

By Cheryl Dowden with a lot of help from Chad Wright and Joe Dowden, January 23, 2022

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Jordan Davis – Buy Dirt (Official Music Video) ft. Luke Bryan

(Do What You Want But Call It Work)

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