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Sgt. Andrew Maestas Remembrance

By Elizabeth Corazon, January 23, 2022

As many of you know or heard through the grapevine, a young man lost his life on the waters of Lake DeSoto over the MLK holiday weekend here in the Village. That young man was U.S. Army Sgt. Andrew Maestas. Sgt. Maestas had achieved several important milestones in his young life of 22 years. He served in the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery until recent orders assigned him to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He was looking forward to a future with his girlfriend, Olivia Sheffler, whom he planned on proposing to on Valentine’s Day.

 Funeral arrangements for Sgt. Andrew Maestas will be in-person at Turrentine, Jackson & Morrow Funeral Home in Allen, Texas on Saturday, February 5th at 2:00 p.m. The service will also be live-streamed here. The viewing at the funeral home will be on Friday, February 4th open to the public from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

At this time, the family is planning a wake to accommodate the many friends and family that knew and loved Andrew. The family wants to celebrate this young man’s life.

I shared with Andrew’s family, that many Villagers had reached out on social media to lend words of support and also expressed a desire to do more for the family, if possible. This has truly been an inspiration to the family as they struggle to find peace enough to sleep through the night. I expressed the desire of many in the Village to commemorate Andrew’s life with a bench and flag pole, pending POA approval. The Maestas family is grateful for that gesture and wants very much to be included in the dedication ceremony. 

sgt andrew maestas remembrance photograph
Andrew Maestas (Taken a Couple of Years Ago)

When I spoke with Andrew’s mother I was truly touched as she kept apologizing for rambling on and being distracted. This family is a thoughtful, loving family and filled with grace as she spoke of tasks at hand and concern for protecting Olivia’s future. The fact that this young man was chosen to serve in the Honor Guard is a testament to those who reared him, as well as his character. His mother stated Andrew never gave up on anybody and always tried to help others in need. He will be missed by many people. 

And a final word from Andrew’s mother, Stephanie. She mentioned over and over how touched the family was by the outpouring of support they found from the Village during this tragedy. The family especially wanted to thank their host, Dennis Simpson, for providing for the family’s basic needs in their time of crisis.

Information will be coming soon on a fundraising account for Olivia.

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