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Why FLSD Vote NO Billboard is so Important

It’s not a done deal yet! 

By Lorri Street, January 2, 2022

First some history. The 2019 Fountain Lake School District (FLSD) Proposed Millage Increase was soundly defeated with a total vote AGAINST 1,271, and 660 voted FOR. The same grassroots team who organized that defeat is now leading the awareness movement to defeat the 2022, FLSD Proposed Millage Increase. Although, you may be thinking, ‘well, it was defeated last time, so no need to worry this time around’…but, think again! 

The BIG difference with this special election is that FLSD had a considerable head start by the well-funded FLSD Vote Yes campaign headed by Dr. Michael Murphy, Superintendent. We, on the other hand, lack funds to develop and mail a full-color, glossy 8.5”x 11.5” puffery advertisement such as the one FLSD recently mailed to all households within the district–at an estimated cost of tens of thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, FLSD was given the opportunity to consecutively publish a six-part series of comments offered to the Hot Springs Village Voice regarding the upcoming school millage vote. Of course, all the articles were in support of why FLSD needs the proposed millage increase. 

It’s not an easy task to get information out to our Village community. Currently, the Vote NO FLSD Millage Increase grassroots movement relies on two social media platforms, Nextdoor.com and HotSpringsVillagePeople.com to post our factual points of view. However, we know that’s not enough exposure to the HSV Property Owners to get the Vote NO job done. 

Soon our campaign will have a large, double-sided, colored billboard going up on Highway 7, between AutoZone and Walmart. We’ve used this billboard platform before in other Village grassroots movements/campaigns and it proved to be very effective in getting the word out. But…it’s not cheap with an upfront cost of $600.00.

Why Fountain Lake School District Vote No Billboard is so important inside pic
Soon to be seen on Hwy 7 Billboard (Update on 1/4/22 – The Billboard is up!)

Patty MacDonald and I are the organizers of the 2022 Village grassroots vote NO to FLSD Proposed Millage Increase campaign, working from our homes and from our wallets. Thus far, we have collected $200.00 in donations from like-minded Villagers to help offset the cost of the billboard. To keep everyone apprised of the contributions going forward a donation thermometer (below) will be updated as we receive additional donations. We are optimistically depending on forty more Villagers to help us defer the billboard cost by contributing $10.00 each to reach our goal. Think about this…if we are successful in the defeat of the FLSD Proposed Millage Increase you’ll save hundreds of dollars annually in your real estate taxes.

Anonymous (or not) donations can be made to either:

Lorri Street, 62 Arjona Way, HSV
Patty MacDonald, 11 Sabiote Lane, HSV

Thank you to all who have already made a contribution. It does take a Village. Patti and I are happy to address your questions and concerns. Please send all email inquiries to:


Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$600Raised $600 towards the $600 target.$600Raised $600 towards the $600 target.100%
So far we have raised $600 towards our $600 target! That’s 100% of the total!

Update on 1/4/22: The billboard is up!


* * *

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