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What’s Happening in Hot Springs Village

This is what is happening in Hot Springs Village in April 2019

   While trying not to sound too dramatic, tomorrow is a banner day for Hot Springs Village.
    Three new directors will be sworn in after the board’s regular meeting.  Gone will be three directors whose actions have been thoroughly rejected in the last two Village elections.

Has the BOD listened to property owners?

    The overriding question on the table is whether the four remaining board members – Mike Medica, Nancy Luehring, Buddy Dixon and Cindy Erickson – have listened to what the voters were saying in those two elections.

    Owners want new and authentic marketing for the Village, something re-enforced last week at Phil Lemler’s excellent seminar (boycotted by the POA staff and all incumbent directors except Cindi Erickson).  Creating a marketing committee to take us in the proper direction should be at the top of the new board’s agenda.
    Property owners want more transparency.  Resuming the board’s monthly work sessions where issues are discussed in the open instead of behind closed doors would be a great way to begin.
    So would establishing a finance committee so more meaningful discussions about how we spend our money could be aired out in the open.

Property owners tired of “corporate” swill

    The new directors – Tormey Campagna, Diana Podawiltz and Dick Garrison – take their seats with a strong mandate from property owners.  The mandate won’t sit well with the four holdovers, but I hope they take to heart the election results and are willing to change and respect what the voters have been saying.
    Property owners are tired of the “corporate” swill they’ve been hearing.  They want the board to appreciate we live in a community and want a board responsive to what the community wants.

    Ten candidates felt strongly enough about our Village to vie for the three board seats in the last election.  In the campaign, they identified dozens of issues the board needs to address.
    The only way that’s going to happen is if the old and new board members roll up their sleeves and work together.  The voters made it clear which way they want the board to go.  Let’s hope the four remaining directors heard what was said.   

A Look at What’s Happening in Hot Springs Village April 16, 2019 – Compiled by Frank Leeming

Below is an update of our “What’s Happening in Hot Springs Village” package.  It has the latest information through the first quarter of this year.
    Of particular interest is new data from our police department showing how low our crime rate is compared to other communities in the state.  Other items of interest:
    • The number of vehicle accidents in the Village rose 21 percent last year, but the total was still very low.  Biggest cause of accidents: Deer.
    • The POA’s income in the first quarter was virtually flat: Assessment revenue was up 0.7 percent and operational revenue (from utilities, amenities, etc.) rose 0.2 percent.
    • The number of golf rounds played, which is key to Village financial health, fell to near record lows in the first quarter.
    • After a bump last year, the number of permits for new homes fell again in the first quarter.
    • The number of homes sold fell for the third year in a row, but sales prices are up.

Written by Frank Leeming, Hot Springs Village


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