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Congratulations to New Board Members

Congratulations and good luck to the three new board members to be seated April 17. They face an uphill battle.

Over the last several years previous boards, along with the four holdover members of the 2018 board, have drastically altered the balance of power for our Village.  They have created a self-serving bureaucracy with almost total power over everything.

What we have is similar to the “deep state” players who actually control our US government and our Congress which seems unable or unwilling to rein them in.  At least in our government we have a current president elected by the people who is trying to drain the swamp.

Here our previously elected leaders have granted virtual autonomy to a so-called CEO while simultaneously divesting themselves of control. Examples:  changing critical bylaws and policies; voting to approve a CMP; voting to approved a flawed budget; voting to require a “super majority” to change said budget; voting to approve a fiscally irresponsible $1.25 million pool.

The new board members want to take back our Village but it won’t be easy. They cannot just start “fixing” things because they are outnumbered by the old guard. Change will be slow and it will take another election in 2020 to gain a right minded board majority.

So, I encourage everyone to not give up the fight. We must continue to loudly voice our displeasure at how things have been and clearly declare how things should be. We must support our three new warriors in their battle to retake control.

Common sense and fiscal sensibility will return. The pendulum has swung too far left. Be patient and good things will occur.  Our new board members do want to drain our swamp.

Tom Blakeman, April 10, 2019


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