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What changed in last year?

At the April 30th “Let’s Talk” session, a board member asked what has changed in the past year except Villagers’ attitudes? Do our toilets still flush? Do we have roads to drive on? Are our lights on? In other words, we have nothing to complain about because everything is going fine. We just have bad attitudes.


This just demonstrates how far off track the POA board and management has ventured. They not only have NO idea what they are doing but they also have NO idea where they are heading.

So, what has changed in the last year?

1. The POA board has spent well over $1 million to craft, sell and defend a broken Comprehensive  Master Plan (CMP) that is mostly dysfunctional.

2. The POA has spent countless money to promote a “Declarations” change vote that seems to be a “last second Hail Mary” to eliminate CCI (developer) from the Village. All because no one, during the months of charettes and discussions, saw that without CCI the CMP could never be implemented. … OOPs! Major oversight by our great leaders!

3. The POA is embroiled in numerous lawsuits mostly generated by mismanagement and inexperience … at the POA board level and at the CEO level.

4. The POA has a plethora of maintenance and functional issues that continue to be delayed.

5. The POA continues to add layers of management to serve the implementation of the CMP which cannot be accomplished without CCI’s approval. And, they continue to support an amateurish marketing strategy that is not improving revenues.

The list of POA board and management failures is extensive and could cover numerous pages.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that our POA (board and management) has demonstrated a consistent incompetence and ignorance for many things they have done over the past year. It is blatantly obvious they are hopelessly lost. A CMP Advisory Committee, “Let’s Talk” sessions (even with the “fun facts”) and a “head in the sand” mentality will continue to deteriorate our Village brand and worsen our financial problems. They are already contemplating borrowing money to pay overdue maintenance… fee increases and special assessments cannot be far behind!

Some POA board members want to negotiate with CCI to get them out of the Village (how will we pay for that?). I believe the November 2018 “Declarations” vote stated how Villagers felt about this. Not only is our POA board and management incapable of negotiating this purchase but it would place the future development of HSV into the hands of people who cannot get a gate security system to work, take two years to decide to build a pool nobody wants and all the other management debacles we have seen. Just in the last year!!!

Hot Springs Village toilets still flush
Hot Springs Village toilets still flush

And, the last time I went to Sears …. their toilets still flushed and their lights were on … BANKRUPT!

Written by a Villager, May 8, 2019

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