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We the People (WTP) – Who We Are

Who ‘we’ are…

We the People (WTP) is an organized group of like-minded HSV Property Owners (both resident & non-resident), who in the past have come together to pushback against BOD’s and POA top management when their ‘ideals’ alarmingly clash with the will of the majority of HSV Property Owners. 

As we were during the 2018 Vote NO HSV grassroots campaign, ‘we’ are once again facing a fast-approaching pivotal vote, this time with proposed HSV assessment increase(s). Although WTP does not support either Option 1 or Option 2, of the proposed assessment increases ‘we’ do support the reasonable Option 3. 

WTP position is: Let’s see how the current BOD’S spends/allocates a lesser amount of an assessment increase before saddling Property Owners with a broad brush 5-year assessment increase. Baby steps are needed to earn back the trust of the majority of Property Owners after years of grandiose spending by several BODs and POA top management. 

To be crystal clear WTP is not opposed to an increase as long as it is accompanied by accountability that serves ALL Property Owners’ best interest. This has not been the practice for several years of HSV recent history

New Property Owners…please know that over the past 7 yrs. MILLIONS of Property Owners dollars were NOT directed toward infrastructure, but instead to too many poorly established pet projects. 

Tomorrow, August 25th, the HSV Board of Directors will vote on the assessment increase option they decide is best for our Village. Should either Option 1 or 2, be passed by the BODs, WTP will put forth our best effort (once again), to encourage HSV like-minded Property Owners to Vote NO when ballots arrive in the mail the first week of October.  

Lorri Street

Founding member of We the People for the People (WTP)

Lorri may be reached at streetbiken@gmail.com

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We The People, For The People Hot Springs Village

Forum #3 – October 24, 2018

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